Your image waiting for me

A journey through despair
Across valleys
I came through a journey once
My sight more powerful than the darkness
Through the night visions of the past
Fair memories of eyes that once smiled
Perfume lingered, as I came through the valley
Through the journey I began to see
Fair and far, images floating looking up
Searching the stars, leading them
Toward the shore, of my lost
The arrow, now lingering, floating
Hope, now lingers in the future
As I journey across the valley

Empty from a journey through the valley
Though a light now shines, like a beam
Lightning flashes across the horizon
Desolate, in despair, loves eyes now searching
Dear God, I have journeyed, but I fell
My soul searching for you God,
Now as I come through the valley
I recognised Your image waiting for me

In Jesus name Amen

The Spirit of time



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As I wake
I hear the clock
It beats like my soul
To introduce my soul to time
Life is a sense of phase
Each part of our life
Day by day, each step
Is a sense of timing
The people we see
The people we meet
The clock I hear
Is still marking time
Guiding us along our path
Whatever direction we take
A constant pounding of time
Confusion reigns in our minds
That an immortal binds
A clock echoing throughout a room
As if it is sending us a message
Watching every move, waiting for you
To fall

The Lord tells us, “Be Still”
There is a moment in time, where the clock beats for us
Your heart beats to your rhythm, as the clock beat for you
Your time, as the clock beat uniquely for us all
Each step of our journey
I hear the clock beating differently now
For when the time beats for us all
It is our time, our tune

In time my story will be told
I don’t know where or when
I listen to the beats of time now
Not fearing each day
For the presence of time is our story
My destiny lies within the melody of time
Have Faith, believe, trust
The Spirit of time will carry you through

Before each new tomorrow.



We see the future together
There is time, as suddenly as time
Comes and goes, there is time for mending
There is always an ending, when time ceases
To see where your troubles flow
Once life seemed hopeless, yet now I know
Life is never hopeless, no-matter your sadness
Keep looking forward, there is a new day


Dreams, time for living, hoping all within time
I walked through the lands of doubt, through the darkness
Of life, blindly wandering, the lands, searching
With a heavy heart and all the hurt we may feel
Search and pray, there is time, we can heal
Each day I look out my window and see a new day breaking
I talk to God, and thank God for each new day
Though the mind and soul, maybe searching for answers
Praise God for each new harvest, the sun and the moon
Each new tomorrow has a new meaning for me
Like some branch of stars we see, glistening in the night sky
Before each new tomorrow.


Time and time

Time and time again
Searching for life
The many questions
What was life about?
Such a sick feeling all those years
In the pit of your stomach

A body imprisoned
Trapped in the search for life
Trapped in the search for worldly
A hunger for worldly pleasures
A desire for approval
A worldly desire for love
Searching the world
Not seeing the one that loves us most

Fighting to rid yourself from worldly desires
All so familiar, worldly pleasures, that cause so much stress
Yet there is an inner knowing, that your life is incomplete
In your search, your thirst for the word of the Lord

Thirsting for more, we search for more
Questions, find their way, across your mind
Puzzling your mind, sometimes crossing your mind
Slowly finding its way in the right direction
Where you find your way with the Lord

The Lord is there for us all
Come to the Lord, find the Joy
Find your freedom, your peace
The Lord is the direction for me
The Lord has offered me life

The Lord lifted me up
I came to the Lord with my trouble
He released me from my pain
Clearing the darkness from my brow
There is a guiding light
Now shinning my way

The road can lead to the Lord
He is there with his guiding hand
Leading us in the right direction

Send our praises
Thank the Lord
A body no longer imprisoned
No longer trapped in the search for life
No more hunger
No need to desire approval
No need to Search the world
The one that needs us most is near


The new born

I sit thinking of a time
In their short time
I would softly touch your face
Your skin was so pure
To touch your face felt like
Clouds, so soft and pure
I would hold you in my arms
Touch your face
Tracing a journey
Only to discover a gentle smile
To lightly touch your eyelids
With my fingertips made me smile
Your beauty yet to be explored

Your soul is developed, yet it is to early to be explored
What dwells within your soul
I cannot invade
Or invade your space
Yet I will be here when you need
When you grow, and explore
When you need just call
Love Mum

Time can be our friend

Time can be our friend
Now and then
Time moves along
When I am strong
Second by second
A power that is contagious

Beaming through the clouds
A carnival of clouds, flickering
With delight, shimmering
Across clear ocean of delights

Cry’s of children playing
Seagull’s crying for feed
A breeze floats by
Gently moving clouds

Splashes of seagull’s
Break through the clouds
Luminous lights flicker
Across clear ocean delights

Luminous lights
Flicker our dreams
Winding our way home
Through time, now and then

Time can be our friend
Now and then
Time moves along
When I am strong
Second by second
A power that is contagious
Miracle of time


In a place where God’s world is there for all to share.

I have just come to realise
The thoughts we hold dear
Are things that empower us
Across our bodies, no matter how wide
Our thoughts float on wings as we send them forward
Filling the world with all things good

Our secret thoughts echo across the world
Catching blessings, giving hope,
To those who are lost
Leading them out of the wilderness

Sharing you thoughts
As you sit protected
With the world in prayer
Thought you would never share with those you have known
And yet as you sit in prayer you are sharing your inner-most
Thoughts with the world, you are not alone.

.Your thoughts maybe simple, and share your life
Secret thoughts that echo across the world
Like a breath of fresh air, breathing life
Into a desolate home

There is a time when your thoughts will be forgotten
As you sit protected, with the world in prayer
Your prayer has vanishes or left your mind for an instance
Somewhere in the back of your mind, something will remind you
As a star gleams through your window, on a dark winters night

Your thoughts are an important part of your life
Be fair, share them with the world
They shape the world, they shape your being
In a place where God’s world is there for all to share.


There was a time

There was a time
When time was simple
Time I was told
“Is a great healer”
Or “Give it time”

Now free from those chains
That bound me, I share my joy of life
No more trouble no more pain
I know now someone is watching over me

Life deals us challenges
All the time, I believe in hope and faith
We can climb the mountains of time
We have to believe.
There was a Time when
I was filled with sorrow and pain
Climbing those mountains of time
I believed in time the healer

There is hope in life, joy, God
There is life and love, I found
The time to let God in
He never turned his back on me
He was waiting for me to come to him

There is still time
Time will always be there
Waiting for us to catch up
When we do, the pain and the sorrow will be gone
No more loneliness, because God is in your life
There will be scars, there will be tender at times
Giving me reason to believe

There is time now
I have hope
Time is on my side now
With God beside me
There is time


Is it fate

Life’s challenges affects us all
The consciousness of us all
Flee or flight torments our mind
Decisions swirl in our conscious

Flight or fight a decision of conscious
Life is full of challenges or choices
Decisions, torments, hesitations
As life moves on quickly
Time also passes us by

Is it fate
The decisions we make
To move on or not
Lists keep us thinking
Life’s challenges affects us all

There is no right or wrong
Life is full of challenges and choices
What we do in life
Remember life moves quickly
Before we know it time passes

But for a moment in time

There is a life
I once knew
Now I am captivated
As I walk quietly in my life
You are captivating
Impressed my mind
To experience, Your words
I was not sure at first
You are with me now
As I sit writing
My world is changing around me
Your hands rest gently on my shoulders guiding me
My heart and my body awakens
You renewed my soul and I was born anew
Slowly You have guided my life
Your shroud protecting me
With each day I experience your wisdom
Your guidance, Your passion
Has awakened my life
As I have journeyed many roads
You have taken my pain
And cast my fears out into the ocean
I can see all my doubts floating away
No longer lost, as You walked into my life
You changed my life forever
To know that you loved me
Just for a moment in time
To love you is to know you
Even if You have to leave me
But for a moment in time.