A Gently lingering tear

A tear drop falls
Gently lingering
On my cheek
Another forms
Alone I cannot be

My eyes blurred
A voice shall be heard
I wait for the wind
I hear the echo’s
In the dead of night
Tears fall freely in the wind
My agony left me empty
To feel waking this night
From a nightmare
On this moonlight night


To hold a lover vow

This poem is fiction based on thoughts and power of the mind being creative


Your gentle soft fingers, seek mine
At last, as we walk along the gilded beach
Where the summer sun shines long into the night
Your fingers held tightly, holding them close to your heart
Not often do we see the gilded beach glistening
Gulls nestlings by the waters edge
Golden ripples sparkle across the water
I feel your heart beat as you hold my hand close

To hold a lovers vow, for years
You who sought me for years
Shadows now cross my brow
Marks the timeless youth, once been
For you love me now, a girlish face
Still glistens in the night, across a gilded beach

Silently I shed tears, when you walked away
Silently they fell, as I waited for you to return
The years I waited for you to return
Time and fate has bought us together, again
My heart and brow now lifted
Strong in love that came so late
Our souls together in love and life

The world is only minutes away

I wrote this last night but did not feel happy with it, I wanted to show how far I have travelled with my healing. I’ve done a few essays lately on my life. But this I wanted to give a deep feeling of the love I have started to share with my earthly soul. I wanted also to give the feeling of time,


rain drops 009

From my earthly being
I’ve been lost, perplexed, and defeated.
I’ve wept many tears,from deep within my soul
Refusing to give in
My memory has eluded me
As I walk out of the darkness

One step at a time

When you walk out of the darkness
You feel as though you are leaving a friend
Protecting your very existence
Yet it will strive with all it’s mite
To destroy you

Something you hang onto
Hidden in the darkness
Now fading in time
It’s time to leave this side
Venture out into the light

As the words escape
my hidden mind
Of years gone by
I lift my thoughts towards the light
Writing these words

Wandering the globe
Hidden in darkness
Yet it was light, light of day
Searching for truths
Searching for life
No longer in darkness
As God shone the light of day
Above me

The light that once escaped me

Has shown me, the light of life to be lived
No longer a child
Lost in world without thought
Without hope

I sleep now no longer afraid
That I will wake in darkness
I found a place of peace
Night is approaching
I am not afraid

The light of day will shine again
I know as I write this
The world is only minutes away

When I do wake to recognise the world.

I find a beautiful place
Humbled by its beauty
No longer in the place of darkness
Magnificent sights and tribulations

To close my eyes in peace
And wake in a world of beauty
The sun shines on my roses
There is life, beyond the darkness



Tears in your heart

There are tears in your heart
I can hear the tears
Tears that flow, like a river
From inside the depths of your heart
God calls out ” Share my heart, take my hand and I will help”.

By God’s hand, I believe
All things are possible
He has the potters hands
Skillfully moulding us

If we turn our gaze upwards
He will show us life
And we shall see
There is a future
A beautiful future
He is willing to share, with us

Now as your heart cries
Your tears are changing
There is joy within your heart
There is a peace within your heart
Rest a while
Hear my thoughts and you will

Find joy in your heart

Find joy in your heart

He is there by your side

Through strain and stress
Making you tired an invisible
Your tears continually flow
God is there and he will wipe them

He is there by your side
He will hold your hand and guide you through
At a time when friends just are not around

He knows you’ve seen troubles
Shrouding you when you sleep
Guiding you through troubles
And when you need to rest
He will give you peace

He knows you’ve wandered
Wandered aimlessly
But when night falls
He is always there
Comforting you

He takes your hand
Guiding you to your haven
Protecting you from the pain

Your world is your oyster
Your ocean has claimed you
You’ve opened your oyster
All your dreams are shinning
Your oyster gleams, your world gleams

Call out if your in need
I’m not far
I tell you “Your Alive”
He is there by your side
He will hold your hand and guide you through
At a time when friends just are not around
I am there, to guide you


Embrace the world of the ocean

I have felt the journey into the night,on the edge of the world,
I’ve listened to the ocean calling, the wonder and the delight,
The music of waves clashing against the edge of the world,
There is a special tone that draws you in if you are quiet
Stand beside me and listen quietly, as I do night after night

The wind draws you to the edge, reach down and feel the froth mixed with the sand,
Sands at the edge feel cool to touch, squeeze the sand beneath your toes,
Take your time move, to and fro waiting, for the tomorrows, let the past float away,

Embrace the world of the ocean, for on this night, you may peer out into the starry sky, and see,

Illuminations flicker about, creating visions of an ocean calling, inhabiting this earth,
Marvel at the minds depth of an ever changing ocean, a mystery still evolving,
Be at one with an ocean, there is mysteries, hidden waiting to be revealed,
Let your imagination float free and on the wind, let your imagination be at one with the ocean,

Music, rises and falls, at the mystical edge of the world, as the wave float back and forth,
A magical gift, for those who are prepared to listen, and hear the tune spoken by the ocean,
Hold tight to your dreams, as your heart skips a beat, feel the rhythm of the ocean,
Think of all the words you have spoken and let float away in a single moment,

Gather those thoughts share them with the ocean, let them be free, each step you take,
Your words may sway with the ocean, whisper them to the starry sky, gather them up,
As the moon glows across the ocean, laminating, the ripples of the waters edge,
Your feet washed clean, sand so smooth, and peace falls upon your night,
A tear might fall, from your eye, because your night is at one with the oceans heart.

Embrace the world of the ocean, for on this night, you may peer out into the starry sky, and see?

Feel the oppression on earth

When I first started writing this, I was thinking about the lightening and thunder across our skies this morning..When two magnet plates clash in the sky, the sky erupts with a vengeance, and it did so today,then I started thinking about the earth and the human race, mix both together and you see the result. Many of these feelings I have experienced first hand

Anxiety-depression 1 Depression 03 unnamed


Across the raging skies
Fathers cry tears of anguish
Weep tears as raging skies
Clashes in anger
A mothers cry of pain
Clashes in anger

Feel the oppression on earth
As the tears flood the earth
You grasp onto desolate thoughts
As raging skies clash in anger

Rivers and creeks, raging in flood
Your fears crush your heart as you see your
Life rushes before your eyes, your heart throbs
As sweat pours down your body, your eyes are blurred

As you release your anger
You cry out in smouldering anguish
You are only human, you can not stop the raging skies

Your echo may be heard, throughout the hills and valleys
Of penetrating despair, you try, but you can not do anything
Your energy is depleting, with every beat of your heart
Your pulse, echoes you heart beat

Your adrenaline rushes with trembling fear
Fragments which once held the earth together
All in the blue unclouded weather
Now drained of life, under the raging skies of earth
We don’t speak out, we don’t complain
We don’t show our pain

It’s our life
Sometimes we forget
Speak out for if we don’t
We are not heard

Only punished



Feelings, raised softly to new heights
But in her web of delights
A teardrop rolls down her face
Emotions of a love, tenderly gift wrapped

Beneath her soft white temples
He gently wiped her teardrop away
So he could hold onto this dream
Feelings, raised softly to new heights
Feelings for all of his natural life

To feel you in my arms
Your warmth against my heart
Delivered straight to the heart
Feelings for all of his natural life

Emotions of love, tenderly gift wrapped
To have you in my life, feelings like I’ve never had before
All the trembling bells of you
Of all the tunes, I knew and more
Feelings, again in my heart
Feelings, raised softly to new heights
A teardrop rolls down my face
Emotions of a love, tenderly gift wrapped
Feelings for all of his natural life