The night sleeps in darkness

Before tomorrow
I thought that nature was enough
If one would pray tough enough
Rain would cover the lands
Before Tomorrow
The leaves of the eucalypt
Covered in dew
Gloss covers the flowers
The leaves all shinny
In the moonlight glow

Before tomorrow
Her mind sleeps
She feels the space of night
The breath of air
Thoughts create dreams
It’s like so it seems
Just to listen to her dreams
Before the morrow
The night sleeps in darkness
And now close to nights, darkness
Plumes and lights, glisten
Birds nestle in branches
From night into day
Life breathes


Tends a gentle raindrop


To touch a tiny glistening raindrop
It flows gently from the sky
Landing gently on your brow

Falling softly to your glistening nose
A tiny glistening raindrop you cannot see
Cry out “Where did you come from?”
A day that is so sunny and bright
Tends a gentle raindrop

Glistening on your nose

Life we sometimes question
Looking for answers

Listen closely we may hear a gentle voice
Call our name, it is so clear
We turn to take a look
No-one is there
You swear you heard a voice
No-one is there
Yet serenity is about you
There is no doubt there is a gentle voice about

Life we sometimes question
Looking for answers

Tends a gentle raindrop

Glistening on your nose

Do you believe in Angels?
Do you feel Angels about?
I often wonder
Who is watching over me
More than ever I feel
I feel something is about me
And sometimes I don’t feel
Yet we feel a presence
Mystery prevails
Morning noon and night
The mystery of Angels
Searching, tenderly with love
Sharing, God permits
Industrious Angels


The circle of life keeps turning

As we march through life, don’t search for imperfections
When we find them
Try to be bold and kind, and turn a blind eye
Search for a quality, that is right, avoiding what is wrong
In the deep of night, from the light of the moon
Deep shadows, lurking in the bushes
Search for a star, shining bright

The circle of life keeps on turning
From the Heart of God’s world
Across the wide ocean
Don’t try to change the course
Set by the river of life.
The river is fast and free flowing
The universe is vast and wide
Remember it has lived long
And ventured many storms

The world will never adapt
To enhance your fanciful ideas
I know things do go wrong
Almost everyday of our lives
The sooner we realise the better
Off we will be
It is foolish to resist, and drown
Life in God’s world, will shape us
As the liquid fills God’s vessel of life

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

2 Corinthians 4:7

But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.

Mirrored, reflections

Fields of green
Beds of roses
Bloom all around
For me and you and you
There for all to see
In this exciting world

Mirrored, reflections,
Glisten, skies so blue
A sea of white clouds
Mirrored, reflections,
A bright clear day
Emerges from a dark night
For all to see
In this exciting world

So pretty , so delicate,
A see of smiling faces
All the colours of a rainbow
Friends mingle

I see babes in arms
I hear them gooo, and gaa,
Growing each day
So much to learn
I’ll never know what they know
It’s and exciting world
Mirror reflections
A world so bright


Step into the night

Imagination is lurking in my head this morning as I sit at my computer writing

The moon light hangs above the city light
Stars that gleam and glisten like jewels in the night sky
Lamplights create imagination
Shadows lurk around every corner

Step into the night along a city street
Your heart will skip a beat
Fear not where shadows begin to lurk

As night rages on your city street
My shadow will be waiting
No harm will come to you

Fear not my shadow will not harm you
Open your eyes and look to the moon
The moon light that hangs above the city light

And though you fear where shadows fall
There’s nothing there to harm you at all
Uncover your eyes, assume uncertain skies
Stars that gleam and glisten like jewels in the night sky
Lamplights create imagination

Shadows lurk around every corner
When night begin to fall along your city street
Your feeling cold, strange thoughts lurk
Your longing for, your heart to stop racing

Keep moving it’s not long now
I’ll be there one night in the shadows
Along your city street
Your heart will skip a beat

Will you return to me?
Or will I be forever in the shadows?
Step into the night
Where the moon light hangs and
Stars that gleam and glisten like jewels

Maybe we will meet again


Ants and flies

Just a little humour at Australia’s expense
Ants and Flies
Watch them in Australia
Summer in Australia
Flies flapping, and buzzing
Open a door or window in they come
Ants, hurrying, scurrying,
Busy all the time
Sticky flies, buzzing around
Don’t open the door
They’ll be waiting

To and Fro, just like ants
Carrying loads
Down ant roads
Never stopping
Never dropping
Flies never drop, either
Back and forth
Up and down
Can after can of fly spray
Ants drill, holes for nests
They know best
Up and down
Round and round

Flies annoying flies
Why we wave at them I do not know
Sticky flies, don’t open your mouth
While waving at a fly, you might swallow one
It’s been known to happen
Ant work, all day, never still
But look out in the summer
One by one they’ll march through the door

Night time comes
One by one the ants will sleep
One by one the flies will sleep
All is quiet
Till morning
Summer in Australia.