You have stood beside me

We reached 41.0 degrees in my home state again today, I’ve sat searching today for thoughts, prayers and healing in my heart. I’ve been doing some Bible Journal lately and found one of my prayers I had written to help me get back on track.


Dear Lord, You have stood beside me,
I’ve called to You for help
Your ears have never been closed to my prayers
There is times when you have not answered me
I cry out and You, show me Your way

I lift my head towards to sky
Listening for Your Spirit
Praying You will show me mercy.

Dear Lord, I continue along my way
You have blessed me according to my deeds
As You do others, even those with evil
Teaching me to to forgive those
Who have hurt,
You’ve shown me how to discern,
Good from Bad, that, there is hope

I lift my head towards to sky
Listening for Your Spirit
Praying You will show me mercy.
Praise the Lord!
He has heard my prayer for mercy.

You have given me strength, a full armour
I trust the Lord with my heart and soul
I found Joy in the Lord
Praise God

In Jesus name hear my prayer today Amen


The old school house



Dust blowing across barren lands
Scrub, crinkled and dry
The old school house stood
Empty and gaunt, barren
A roof laden with brush
Bare unshaded walls
Now weak with age
Dust now covers all traces of a fence

Dust now covers everything
Traces of students, books
Maps still hanging, yet faded and withered
I linger, thinking of children past
I linger thinking of voices past
Can you hear the voices of children past?
Footsteps scurry, through the old school house
Dust creeps in through cracks in the walls
I linger saving my breath dust dries my eyes
Heat and dust, breathes life into this country
Wretched dust nags a mother of this country
Lives created in this country, heat and dust
A mother of the bush children, heat and dust
Voices sharp and husky years of heat and dust
Mothers and children of hope

Maybe dreams of a school teacher
Dreams of teaching in the heat and dust
The spirit and the dust
You would be fussed
Children free to roam
An existence, I found at home
Children of the outback free to roam
The dust and heat, children thrived


We stand tall with Jesus on our side.

Silence surrounds me
Yet echoes in a distance
Prevail coming storms
Superior to all other storms
Storm clouds spreading
A sliver plume of raging storms to come

Raging oceans pound the shore
Spray covers me
Breath of those that have stood before me
Sounds of superior storms
To come as I walk down
The dark pathway
The face of fear stands before me
Strength drives me to the key

As the storm passes
In the dead of silence
A power rises within
The power of Jesus
He lives in us
I can hear him speak
As the raging storm prevails
Oceans pound the shore
Pounding the sandy shore
Dragging the shoreline down

The breath of those that have stood before me
Sounds of superior storms
The face of fear stands before me
We have hope in His promises
Truth in His strength, the is nothing we cannot do
Yes, there are greater things in store for us all
Will will survive and pass fear with the full armour of God

I know now Jesus lives within me
He has passed all enemies
No storms of darkness
We stand tall with Jesus on our side.

In the name of Jesus Amen

John10-10 I find this appropriate for this because all good can come out of storms

10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Hope and Strength

“He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.”

[Psalm 126:6]

Today Heavenly Father
I come before you
I am now your humble servant
Today as I come before you
I am so much in need of your help
I need hope, I am desperate for hope
I have felt helpless this week
I have felt week, I am in times of strength
I am slipping in courage to battle on
I pray to you for the strength I need
To finally get to my operation
You have shown me how to love
You have shown me how to accept kindness
Each day I wake up I see the sky and its brightness
I am happy Lord happy in my life
I share your glory
I know as I move through my day you have planned for me
You wish to help me to continue to walk in your Glory
To continue my faith to grow, and live my life as you have planned
In Jesus Name I pray


Corinthians 12:10:

“Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.”

There was a time

There was a time
When time was simple
Time I was told
“Is a great healer”
Or “Give it time”

Now free from those chains
That bound me, I share my joy of life
No more trouble no more pain
I know now someone is watching over me

Life deals us challenges
All the time, I believe in hope and faith
We can climb the mountains of time
We have to believe.
There was a Time when
I was filled with sorrow and pain
Climbing those mountains of time
I believed in time the healer

There is hope in life, joy, God
There is life and love, I found
The time to let God in
He never turned his back on me
He was waiting for me to come to him

There is still time
Time will always be there
Waiting for us to catch up
When we do, the pain and the sorrow will be gone
No more loneliness, because God is in your life
There will be scars, there will be tender at times
Giving me reason to believe

There is time now
I have hope
Time is on my side now
With God beside me
There is time


Have you ever?

Have you ever?
Wondered where all the joy is gone!
Felt so flat, in a world full of balance
There is no purpose left in life

Have you ever?
Wanted to cry, cry so hard you will flood the room
I sometimes sit and wonder, what I would do
I know I will get through, I challenge myself each day
Many struggle to climb out of the hole

Have you ever?
I used to wonder, would anyone care
If I was not around, life will go on with out me
I have cried lately it’s not fair!

Have you ever?
Feelings, hopes and dreams
Wondered where they have all gone
Dreams trampled, feelings trampled, hopes all gone

Have you ever told yourself?
‘Life is full of hard knocks,, get up, go out and live’
No matter what the challenge you can do it
Get up get going!

Have you ever told yourself?
There is hope
There is someone that cares
You can cope
Just one person
Who needs you in their life

Now realise, there is meaning to life
Life is not always dark
Life is not always lonely
There is a reason to life
Turn on the light of life