Your image waiting for me

A journey through despair
Across valleys
I came through a journey once
My sight more powerful than the darkness
Through the night visions of the past
Fair memories of eyes that once smiled
Perfume lingered, as I came through the valley
Through the journey I began to see
Fair and far, images floating looking up
Searching the stars, leading them
Toward the shore, of my lost
The arrow, now lingering, floating
Hope, now lingers in the future
As I journey across the valley

Empty from a journey through the valley
Though a light now shines, like a beam
Lightning flashes across the horizon
Desolate, in despair, loves eyes now searching
Dear God, I have journeyed, but I fell
My soul searching for you God,
Now as I come through the valley
I recognised Your image waiting for me

In Jesus name Amen

All I ever need….Across a roving river…..Amen

A roving river flows
A river flowing out to sea
Oceans abounded, created by God
I did not realise, my life was already mapped
God knew I would return to him
My mind was in a whirl, I can not change who I was
What comfort and wisdom, now to know God was waiting for me

As the river of life flows out to sea
Across the sea, the river flows freely
Free of soil, free of grime
A winding river, pure and clean
My life now embossed, with the life of God
Follow the ocean, follow my river
My daily life delivers me upon a journey

I gather my thoughts
The perfume of nature, blossoms
I pass through the forest, to a grassy meadow
Following my river, gleaming gems sparkle
Across my river created by God, gleaming gems sparkle
Tears I shed, as I walk beside my river
Created by God, my wounded heart now follows God
Wild flowers, don the river bank, trailing the river

I follow God’s trail, with comfort and delight
Crossing creek beds, sweeping, leaping
I pray to God without fear, bravely
Without fear, I stand by the mouth of my river
Love has set me free, to Love again
With a free heart, I now know
God has stood by me through thick and thin
God has shown me, love, an open heart
All I ever need….Across a roving river…..Amen


The desire to dream

The desire to dream
Set the fire within
Fight for your dreams
Dreams set a fire within me
Day and night
I given my time
My peace, my sleep
Life may seem useless
Or worthless without your dreams
Time and energy has gone into my dreams
I learn from my dreams, I am simply going for it
If it happens it will happen
With all of my faith, hope, energy, confidence
Determination, of body and brain
Nothing will keep me away from my desire
To dream the impossible dream
With God at the hem we can do anything
My faith in my dreams, my walk with God
Helps me create
A life of peace happiness, and dreams


To me one of the greatest pioneer women of Australia

She lived along the railroad tracks of South Australia, across the Mid North of South Australia. She lived and worked hard raring her children for long periods on her own.A true pioneer of Australia, her final years were lived in Yunta South Australia a small town not known to many on the edge of the Gold fields of South Australia. This is my Nanna Mac, I think most Australian women my age could associate with my Nanna Mac

Nanna Mac was her name, to those who loved her
Sitting on the front porch, I still remember today
Watching the world go by, her apron was always finely pressed
The power it possessed, claimed her kitchen
For Nanna Mac, she was not dressed without her apron
It was fresh everyday, I remember, and freshly pressed apron strings

Nanna Mac was a simple woman, that wore an apron with love
It never looked worn out, even when it was held up with a safety pin
An apron had many uses in her day, she gathered the eggs
Using it as a weapon, waving it at the hens when they pecked at her feet
Gently she would place the eggs in her apron each morning
Before she cooked the breakfast or stocked the kitchen stove with wood
Many aprons were worked with cross stitch,worked with love
Her aprons were part of her, no matter where she was
She was a lady of the bush, a pioneer of the bush
A favourite to all her grandchildren, there were so many of us at times
All scurry for her apron to wipe our tears, or hide
Nanna Mac as she was known to everyone, far and wide
A midwife to some, a mother to many and grandmother to many
Never forgotten


The mistress of the night, Throws your shadows down

Divide light if you dare
The mistress of the night,
Throws your shadows down,
Divine light flickers across
The jagged rocks, enhancing
The night, an endless dream
Floating across a sky lit by the mistress of the night

Cast your eyes, over the sleepy hills shaded
By a light divided by the moon, a flash of light
Gleams across the sky enhancing your senses
The distant sea, glistens and sparkles
Divided night by the light of the moon
Your stolen night an endless dream
Sounds of the night splash against the coast

Your dream of the endless night
Soon scorched by the morning sun
Your thoughts singed, as the night closes
And will be smothered by the morning sun
A dream pushed to the side, torn down
By the morning breath of the burning sun
Divide the light if you dare
The mistress of the night
Challenges your dreams.



Have you ever been lost?
Thoughts, reflections,
And wholly given over to complex thoughts,
Stand still,

Lost in thoughts,
Reflections, move about
Thoughts move about,
Your complex mind,

Stand still,
Let your thoughts settle,
Reflections will settle,
As your mind settles,

Your imagination will calm you,
Imagine a forest standing before you,
They are not lost, trees, and bushes are never lost,
Stand still, and listen to the sounds in your heart,
Listen with your eyes, listen with your senses,

You are in a place called home,
And yet you treat it as a perfect stranger,
The forest has been your safety,
Your imagination has been your safety,

Listen to the breeze that flows,
Past your senses, see the breeze as the branches swirl,
Sounds of the forests leads you to the heart of all,
You know the safety of this forest, you return,
Time and again with your thoughts and reflections,

Birds return each year, familiar with branches,
As though they had radar, they know their way,
Especially at nesting time,
Stand still listen to the breeze,
Listen to the trees, listen to your senses,
Listen to your heart, the birds, stand still,
If what your forest does, in your mind,
Puzzles you,

Then your mind is in a whirlwind,
You are lost in a world of no-where,
Let your forest know you are there,
Let your heart and mind find who you are,

Have faith, God will help
And you will know who you are.


The sky, to reach for life

Many have been victims
Many have been in fights
That was not a fair fight

Many live as victims
Many live in hiding
Men or women

They did not ask for the fight, I lost
I realise now there is no shame in losing
Such fights, the only shame is winning

Move forward or upward in order to touch
The sky, to reach for life
No longer a slave, I am a survivor
No longer a slave to adverse circumstances

Today I take a hopeful look
As I look back with emotions
Of sadness, no more hate
I now see hope, rather than dismay
I know I will never forget, I try to forget
All the time, but I am reminded it was my life
But I wish to leave it in the past now
And remember
I was a victim
I am now a survivor