Not hiding the shame

Lately I have started walking in my life openly, talking more about the life I led before I came to the place I am at now. I don’t hide what happened in my life anymore, it is such a great feeling to live openly and honestly.




We live a life
Sometimes not talking
Hiding the shame of life

Yet there comes a time
When we need to talk
Not hiding the shame
My shame covered me
Covered my life
I find now

It’s okay, to say, “I’m not Okay”
There are days when we can ask, “RU Okay”
Because in life sometimes, we are not really okay

Ever tried putting up a smile
Trying to convince everyone
You’re alright, it’s hard work

For years, I live my life like that
Hiding behind a smile, believing
Before achieving
When you are hurt
Really hurt emotionally
Or physically
You don’t have to hide
Or pretend

For a long time I hid my wounds
Till I found I was not alone
We all have wounds
After all we are individuals and human
To be real, and authentic
Is a challenge till we do
We will never heal

I pretended for so many years
My soul knew the truth
It knew I was hiding, lying
Healing came slowly, honestly
And with compassion
Love, forgiving, learning

Healing came as I walked into the dark side of my life
Not hiding, as I walked out of the dark and toward the light of God
I learned I was walking in the light, discover the light



Mirrored, reflections

Fields of green
Beds of roses
Bloom all around
For me and you and you
There for all to see
In this exciting world

Mirrored, reflections,
Glisten, skies so blue
A sea of white clouds
Mirrored, reflections,
A bright clear day
Emerges from a dark night
For all to see
In this exciting world

So pretty , so delicate,
A see of smiling faces
All the colours of a rainbow
Friends mingle

I see babes in arms
I hear them gooo, and gaa,
Growing each day
So much to learn
I’ll never know what they know
It’s and exciting world
Mirror reflections
A world so bright