The changing direction of God

I am still amazed at what I am learning and letting go of all needless worries, and restless thoughts. Sometimes we find ourselves involved in thoughts that are self-centred, rather than loving thoughts. Letting go we find ourselves walking in freedom, innocent peace from the children of God.

Seeking my own peace in a direction of following God, I am convinced I am lifting my soul from a suffering place to an uplifted heart. I am aware that a life of self-causes pain, that which the dead do not feel. To no longer suffer the pain of life sometimes was almost that of walking off a cliff. Many people have been there, I am not the only one to have said it. We would no longer struggle with life, we must learn to bear all sufferings and do it with strength.

To be aware of restless spirits which might dwell within us, these spirits may be our own fault. I know I had many of these spirits dwelling within me till I learned how to do with them. We can deal with these spirits by handing them up to God and show our resistance to spirits. These are remanets of a life before.

I find now as I accept this way of life, as I walk with God, I make no opposition to God’s will, because I find peace and submit to the will of God. Sometimes I have felt so overwhelmed with self-centred worries, the desire for peace. Life had become a habit, with a form of clinging onto life, not knowing what to do first. I reckon I tested God’s limits when I first started my walk. I still am not sure what I am doing but I do know, I thank God for the life He has given me. I praise Him each day now because my prayers are different now. My walk has grown as I have let go of the past.

I was stubborn and still am to a degree, I know the suffering is over. The Lord has delivered me into the future. I feel lighter; God has delivered me into a cheerful world. He loves us all we have to learn to find God and give ourselves to God when we are ready.

Luke 11:21 “Whenever a strong man, fully armed and equipped, is guarding his own castle, he enjoys peaceful possession of his property;

1 Timothy 2:2 including kings and all who are in high station, in order that we may live peaceful and tranquil lives with all godliness and gravity.

Hebrews 12:11 All chastening seems for the present to be not joyous but grievous; yet afterward it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been exercised thereby.

James 3:17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceful, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.


Of hearts desire

Something that is desired
A heart captures your soul
Admiration, infatuation,bewitches the mind
Desire, emotion, lights up your body
Over time consumes your soul

Desires melt, over time
Passions leave us
Hearts swallow us
Bodies no longer one
Suddenly souls no no longer one, trapped

A sustained heart, nurtured
Invigorates the mind
Captivates the body
Creating a creed that feeds the soul

Hearts that beat as one
A mind invigorated and kind
Will move bodies in unison, as one
Our Souls will move together
Our thoughts will be at one, free

Of hearts desire
Feelings captured
A hearts desire
Love A hearts desire


The Vagabond or Swagman

Just depends which country you are in me personally I like swagman as I am Australian

He walks alone
I recognise Him, he is one of your own
leave the soul alone
Because, He’s got no-one
He live’s his life by his creed
He is the keeper of his seed
Alone he walks the road,
Living for a meal a day
Whether it be for the hunt or chase
Just a meal a day, he has survived
No need to pretend, just a vagabond
No family or friends, just the animals
And him, no need, for anything else

He walks alone
He’s not lonely
He will stay with the animals
Just watch silently
And you will see
Watch from afar
He prefers not to be seen
Someday’s he will let you
Walk with him, eat with him
He eat’s silently,
When finished he gathers
His sparse belongings and leaves
As quietly as he arrives
Wanting to be alone

He’s used to being alone
He likes to be alone
Company is not his life
He’s free, his heart is free
He lives the life of a vagabond
Life on the open road
A quiet man, not liking being followed
He is free, his heart is free
Longing for freedom he steps up the pace
One days soon, he may settle
Beneath the moon, beneath the trees

Truly he is not alone
He does not let anyone know
He follows his dream
He follows his wisdom
He follows nature
He could leave it all behind
But it follows him day by day
He does not know what he is going to find
Each day as he wanders aimlessly
He has his dreams

The vagabond
Has taken years to find himself
Following himself
Following his wisdom
Following nature
Content and fulfilled
Just himself and the open road
He moves lightly through the open woods
Taking care to share the future with others
Along the open road, and under the blue skies

Now fulfilled and content
Consenting to no-one
He has lived his life
His way, sharing with the animals
Living his dream
And other when they wandered into his camp
Nobody said he had to live the life of a vagabond
He did so because he needed to grow
And be with nature
Existing within human nature
He lived free
To fly with his dreams
To fly with his wisdom
Like nobody before him
Now he may be at peace in the end
With wisdom and grace



The mistress of the night, Throws your shadows down

Divide light if you dare
The mistress of the night,
Throws your shadows down,
Divine light flickers across
The jagged rocks, enhancing
The night, an endless dream
Floating across a sky lit by the mistress of the night

Cast your eyes, over the sleepy hills shaded
By a light divided by the moon, a flash of light
Gleams across the sky enhancing your senses
The distant sea, glistens and sparkles
Divided night by the light of the moon
Your stolen night an endless dream
Sounds of the night splash against the coast

Your dream of the endless night
Soon scorched by the morning sun
Your thoughts singed, as the night closes
And will be smothered by the morning sun
A dream pushed to the side, torn down
By the morning breath of the burning sun
Divide the light if you dare
The mistress of the night
Challenges your dreams.


The sky, to reach for life

Many have been victims
Many have been in fights
That was not a fair fight

Many live as victims
Many live in hiding
Men or women

They did not ask for the fight, I lost
I realise now there is no shame in losing
Such fights, the only shame is winning

Move forward or upward in order to touch
The sky, to reach for life
No longer a slave, I am a survivor
No longer a slave to adverse circumstances

Today I take a hopeful look
As I look back with emotions
Of sadness, no more hate
I now see hope, rather than dismay
I know I will never forget, I try to forget
All the time, but I am reminded it was my life
But I wish to leave it in the past now
And remember
I was a victim
I am now a survivor


To carry the seed of life, To plant a seed

To carry the seed of life
To feel the seed of life grow
Into the unknown

To plant a seed
We scatter the seeds
Of every kind know to man

The seed of life
We do not have the
Power to control
When it grows into
A boy or girl
We can only guide

We scatter seeds
For food all different varieties
We watch it grow

Both the seed of life
And the seeds we eat
No matter what we reproduce
No matter what creed
It is our guidance
That sends them on their way

Each and everyday is a searching lesson
On what life is meant for you
And your tribe

There is a sieve where we can filter
All the rubbish in life, push it out the sieve
Get rid of it all

You can not carry the weight of it all
There is restriction on what you can handle

Focus on the good, find peace
Amongst the chaos of life
We live life in a busy world
Life comes and goes so quickly
We never seem to float
We always seem to be looking for that life Jacket