Sharing encourages others

A heart of love flows readily
A soul flowing with generosity
An image of quiet simplicity
A heart of love ready to give
Sharing, yet unseen are the prayers
Prayers of faith, trust, time an effort

The care, edifying others
Sharing encourages others
Sharing began with the beginning of time
With our Creator
The Son gave his life for us
Sharing His life with us
The open hands of life

Heaven gathers it’s blessings
From some distant heaven
Showers you with affection

Don’t let pride get in the way
Don’t let greed get in the way
Pride and greed hinders love

Deep in our heart, is the heart of sharing
A heart that remains gentle
Laying open our heart, with means
That we can touch the lives of others
With a gentle heart, we can open our live
To the dedication enabling us to give help
Open our heart, Open our hands
There will be love in the world.

Song of Solomon 5:5 I arose to open for my beloved, and my hands …
… I arose to open for my beloved, and my hands dripped with myrrh, my fingers with …
I jumped up to open the door for my love, and my hands dripped with perfume. …


In the dark of night

In the dark of night, sometimes I don’t know the way
God is there waiting for me, if I pray, tonight
I know He is there ready for me, waiting to listen
He sent, His Son to show us the way to the light
God has shown me the way, the way to live right
There are times when around me comes dark thoughts, dark fear
I call Jesus, I pray for help, I know he will hear me
Jesus shows me the way, to trust and faithPRAYER-SERIES
He is in my heart, I live now as I should
Live for Jesus, trust him, When you give up your ways
Of living in the darkness
See the Saviour, who saves us all

In Jesus name Amen

Bronzed in Memory

A gate hangs, for those who wait
Bronzed in memory, my heart goes to the garden
Where I once walked, olden plants, olden ornaments
Walks that I once took now memories
Old – time pleasures flow in my heart
Loves, that flow from the things I used to know
Meets me here in my garden of memories
As I wander to and fro

I hear a child’s laughter, signs of joy
I can feel the face of a child, in memory
Feel the smile of a child, bring joy
Would you stand so deep in joy?
Wild thrill of laughter, rapture your heart
Yet feel the glance of eyes that are darkened
Deemed to stray under the darkness of the night
In the midst of Joy, grab a tune from the floating birds

A gate hangs, for those who wait
Bronzed in memory, my heart goes to the garden
Where I once walked, olden plants, olden ornaments
Music echoes, on the swell of dreamy air, from birds above
A tune long forgotten, never sounded, again
Yet those times I was in the garden
It follows me through the roses
The kiss of perfume, that touches your cheeks
Glows in the light, a moment never forgotten
On this day, I opened the gate
Bronzed in memory, the painful sorrow
Tears flow, like a stream, times quaint stream
Roses now, crying for tender care
Walks that I once took now memories
Old – time pleasures flow in my heart
Loves, that flow from the things I used to know
There is a cry of pain, as I shut the gate
And walk away, to the present
Now I walk in the quiet paths
A much better path too take
The pain of those days, now vanished


Your image waiting for me

A journey through despair
Across valleys
I came through a journey once
My sight more powerful than the darkness
Through the night visions of the past
Fair memories of eyes that once smiled
Perfume lingered, as I came through the valley
Through the journey I began to see
Fair and far, images floating looking up
Searching the stars, leading them
Toward the shore, of my lost
The arrow, now lingering, floating
Hope, now lingers in the future
As I journey across the valley

Empty from a journey through the valley
Though a light now shines, like a beam
Lightning flashes across the horizon
Desolate, in despair, loves eyes now searching
Dear God, I have journeyed, but I fell
My soul searching for you God,
Now as I come through the valley
I recognised Your image waiting for me

In Jesus name Amen

My river was mapped for me



Though misleading at times

By the river and the sea
I feel the river flowing through
My body, my heart, my soul, to God’s sea
My river was mapped for me
Though misleading at times
I cannot change what happened along the way
It is mine and mine alone, mine to ponder
Crystal waters to keep free from mirages, toil
Covered in grime and soil, the winding river of life
Ends where it began and when life has surpassed,
It’s life span, I return to the river that was mapped for me
Mysteriously it lets me gather my daily course
Along my way to God’s sea, feel the perfume,
Of life as you pass the forests, through the crystal waters
Blossoms, linger in the air, stop a while
Be still, lay under the pines, feel the grass between your toes,
Healing Spirit from God as you lay still and feel the warmth
Images carry along my flowing river, glisten shadows,
Meld together as I journey to God’s sea
I feel the river flowing through, my story
Many stories of life flow, along the river to God’s sea
Many tears, eyes now that sparkle from the crystal waters
Yet there are many sad eyes, that flow past to God’s sea
From the rivers that are mapped for you
Stories from wounded hearts, nor tree that I pass
Along the way, pass flowery valleys, I gather momentum
Towards God’s sea, not to devastate, or destroy
My river is a comfort, a delight, Yet let me not devastate,
Those I pass along the way, my river mapped my course
But rather, leave the be to flow, their course
My river is my comfort, as I leaps over valleys and deep openings,
On the earths valleys, quietly I flow, and sweep my path
As I move without fear and bravely on, not knowing
What crosses my path or who stands near on my path
God showed me the path to love and to love
I keep following to the river

To God’s sea


Abiding in Him.

Thoughts sometimes come to my mind
Sometime my mind is covered in pictures
Today my thoughts have changed to that of Jesus
Jesus flocked by children, the little lambs of God
And one lying in his arms, searching Jesus’s eyes
A child knowing he is secure in Jesus’s arms

I have been weary of late, my heart and soul
Weary of thoughts, my ills had caught up with me
My Spirit longed for the goals I set, myself
My yearning, with every fibre of my body
Leans on Jesus’s body, Oh! to be that child again
Lying on Jesus’s lap, to forget my fears
To forget the tears I shed, and swiftly fall into a peaceful sleep

Life is not always so, sometimes we fall
Our earthly being, is always searching
For something more, to fill our heart
But now I feel differently, I feel Jesus in my heart
He is my Saviour, and my faithful one.
He knows my sins of the past, He forgave me
Today He sees me just as I am
With compassion in his heart not judging me
Yet when I am weak, and sinful
I talk to Jesus and ask for forgiveness
Jesus was like us once, He walked the earth
He understands our troubles, and through love
He guides us through our troubles
Abiding in Him.

In Jesus name Amen


Cascading thoughts




The unruly sun is changing
As the season changes
So does the unruly sun
The warmth through my windows
Cascading patterns on my curtains
Such as pin holes, through lace wrinkles
Lovers walk pass my window, hand in hand
Expressing love in the warmth
No seasons know the time of love
The time of love happens, in days, months
Beams of sun, worthy of adoration
Why do I think as I walk in the sun?
The unruly sun, so strong and full of love
But I would not loose sight of my love
The power of God as He walks by my side
The warmth of the season changing my heart
Nothing else is compared to this

All life’s mimics as two individual walk
The sun, is happy, during the unruly changes
As the world contracts all the changes
Although the changes mimic the seasons of love
The warms the heart of lovers, shine here on us
As we walk with God, I know you are everywhere
You Spirit lives, among the sphere of the world
In Jesus name Amen

My prayer from Psalm 71

As I take the next step in my recovery, I wrote this prayer from Psalm 71 to guide me on my Journey.



Dear Lord, You have surrendered me
From the life I held before
I’ll live now in your presence
You have guided me so well
As I now gather my feet on firm ground
You have listened to me
Given me space to gather my being
I have retreated, Lord, for awhile to gather myself
Today I know Your door is always open for me
You are my safety net which I’ve come to lead

You have freed me from those,
Who had a grip on my life
You have given me strength
When times were tough
You were there in my childhood, but I never knew it
Yet part of me hung onto you from my birth
Today I praise You, for the life You have shared with me
I see Your beauty now each day
I praise Your name, with glory
Yet now as my age climbs each day
I ponder what is going to happen
Satan sometimes lingers, waiting to attack
Yet God is there, waiting for me to call

God, I know You are there
Right by my side,
Holding the enemy at bay
I am reaching for you
Each day in praise
As I live a day, with You
I write the thing You do for me.
Posting the signs of Your greatness

You have lifted me from the depths
Of an uninformed life
You have taught me so much in a short time
Showing me a world of wonder
I know you will not walk away from me
Your strength has shown me a world
I know I can stand tall and face trouble
With you at my side
I see life now with You
My rescued life in Your words
Has taken me to faithfulness
As I pray to You sharing
I know You are caring
Listening for my words
I praise Your name
In the name of the Holy Spirit, Amen


In a land far away

In a land far away
From the bright city lights
For often thro’ the silent nights
Let the light fade away
Into the nights
This world of ours

We’ll build our world
Far from the city lights
All of our sorrows
Will now become peace of mind
Let the light fade away
Into the nights
In a land far away

Come with me see my world
A land where night greets
The morning, where the sun shines bright
Thro’ the noises of the night
I feel your heart beat
In a land far away

I’ll build a world of our own
Among the marshes and the desert
Will now become peace of mind
No more sorrows, in a land
Where the stars of the night
Shine bright, a bearded meteor
Trailing light, flying from left to right
Among the marshes and the desert
There will be peace of mind
In a land far away
And at the closing of the day
There weaves night and day
In a land far away



A Mother Trusts to Let Go

Yes Father, I will surrender; obey, and let go;
Even though I feel I’m unraveling from within!
The tethers, the scar-tissue of my heart snap!
I release this borrowed problem; it did grow…
In scared-down heart; bitter hardness; all sin;
I held long! As after responsibility left my lap,
I was determined to fix it! Never let child go!
Lost in the dark! Waiting for new day to begin!
Thoughts of doing right, as I stepped in a trap;
Overstepped boundaries, borrowed sorrow…
Fighting a battle I could never/ever hope to win!
Here I am, on my face! I beg for trust, a map
Leading me to re-tether, my heart broken so,
To You dear Father please, Your victory do win!
I lay this mother’s sorrow safely in your lap…
Help my trust in You to grow as I let it all go!