Window of your soul

Glance across the fields, of heaven
Looking deep into the window of your soul
All the glory of God’s world, may glorify
Not the narrow window pane
The glow that glistens from many a source
Catching radiant rays, a tear glistens
Blinds cover our eyes with superstition at times
As we raise the blinds of superstition, letting the light in
The light pours through the window shedding truth
On God’s world

Through the corridors of doubt
The splendour of space across the horizon
Might we bathe in a glow that glistens
From many a source
Sweep the debri of doubt from our mind
Throwing our soul wide open to the light of God
For reason and knowledge, feast our eyes
Listen to the word from God

As the stars shine through, glistening
Creating worlds from above, the music of nature
And our heart, turns to the goodness of truth
A plant turns to the sun, the hands from above reach down to help you
And all the forces of nature, fortify your strength
Tell me, be not afraid, grasp at the truth
Feel the hand of God reaching down upon you
In jesus name Amen


A day to dream



As Autumn turns into winter
Throughout these mellow days
Sky’s soft and powdery blue
Sometimes cloudy and grey
Yet perfume lingers, pursuing my heart
Sit idle pondering your day
Let us lie down and dream
A day is varied by the dream

Sunshine is gentle
The warmth of the sun is softened
To daydream in this time of the year
A warmth from heaven is leaning
On your heart

The waters lie calm, see how calm the day is
The definition of a dream beneath the sky
As the sun draws on a haze, glistening above
Dreams float away on these gentle days

Lay down the pen, compile a thought
The battle within your thoughts cease
The tide lay silent as nature rests,
Dreams for the season, float

While life waits, work waits
So does my heart, wait for my thoughts
Gather my pen in the hours of rare warmth
Write down thoughts of gold
As winter nears

Sometimes I dream too long
My dreams get me through
“I wonder do you dream too long?”
We must wake, sometimes shivering
At a gentle touch, those hours we lost
Dust of the dreams, flowers that have withered

We make ready for winter, stormy days and nights
Autumn days, soft and gentle, golden days
With sky, so powdery blue, light hazy sky’s
My heart, guides my pen.
As the day is varied by the dream.


Not so far away

Something I wish to do with Tibby when she comes home to me. Tibby and Charlie used to love the beach together.
She was so funny as a baby dog when I took them to the beach she would run up and down the foreshore, then stand still and bark at the waves as they clash at the shore. With God’s healing I will get there soon, the beach is only an hour away even though I live in the country. It might take me a couple of months but I will get there.


Today I dream of a stroll
Not so far away
Shadows begin making me look so much taller
I walk beside the sea, leaving footprints
In the soft sand, clouds floating above
Reflections of the sun, warming my soul
Wind whistles through my ears, blowing my hair
Fresh sea air, oceans tingling my feet as I walk

I stood for a long time, feeling my feet sink
Into the soft sand and the healing waters of the ocean
About my legs, I watched the waves rise and move
Rolling their silver waters, soft foamy bubbles
Then die away as they reached the foreshore

A light shade of blue reflected around me
Roaring waves, made me think of danger
There is horror and beauty by the water

Small fish tickled my toes, flickering past my legs
Fish from the fathoms of the ocean
As if viewing for your attention
Walking weightless from my dreams, feeling the of healing my legs
My thoughts drifted to dreams of
A childhood, playing carefree
Enjoying a peace, permeating through my body


A recurrent rhythmic action of waves
Images of words and actions, floating
Across the ocean, overwhelming emotions
Capture my heart as I float away
Across the lonely shore
There is a place where time stand still

Genesis 37:8 His brothers said to him, “Will you indeed reign over us? Or will you indeed have dominion over us?” They hated him all the more for his dreams and for his words.

Matthew 8:26 “Why are you so easily frightened,” He replied, “you men of little faith?” Then He rose and reproved the winds and the waves, and there was a perfect calm;

Psalms 148:7 Give praise to the Lord from the earth, you great sea-beasts, and deep places:


Beacons of light

collection-green-light-resort-tahiti-french-polynesia opt-in-daily-devotions-image blood-moon-and-solar-eclipse-day-on-1640-0751 aurora-borealis-over-path-winter-landscape-finnish-la-spectacular-northern-lights-lapland-57607395

Life had me on a journey when I wrote this, I am deep in thought writing this.

I wander deep in thought
At the top of the hill
Three roads, there are
That climb and wind
I leave behind a life
To create new
I meet a little country
The toss of a coin and I’ll take one
Across mountain ridges. I look
Where the sun is often cooled
By a mountain, or shadows
My feet are still soft to city life
The road traveled is often rough
She-oaks,gum trees the scent of the earth
The trees of life,
No walls to hold me in
The blue horizon is my infinity
Following the mountain ridges
Beneath the blue sky
Reaching high places I hear
My mind wanders to the wild birds singing
Images of horse bells ringing in the distance
Amongst the golden trees of wattle
I see as far as the eye can see
Oceans abound across the country side
Waves rise and fall and break against the coast
There is a silence as I stand in awe
Over the hills, out to the ocean
The beauty of a sea of blue
I can see dotted farms
Across the horizon
Beacons of light dot the horizon at night
There is a silence in the air
I find a peace about my heart
That soothes me morally and emotionally
I wander about the hills aimlessly
Eventually finding my way home

I often dream of what is beyond the blue horizon

Stand upon a jetty
Strewn like confetti
Fishermen casting lines
Despite that I follow the lines of hope
As I gaze upon the ocean so blue

On the fore shore children collect their treasured sea shells
Seagull’s feed along the edge of the foreshore
Looking for the perils of the ocean
I often dream of what is beyond the blue horizon
Of the oceans so deep

The ocean has collected many of my stories
Strewn from coast to coast amongst the thunderous waves
As I stand upon a jetty I gaze upon a blue horizon
Looking for a peace that escapes me
I often dream of what is beyond the blue horizon
Of the oceans so deep

The ocean has collected many of my stories
Strewn from coast to coast amongst the thunderous waves
I often stand watching people walk along the foreshore
Wondering where the footsteps will lead
Wondering about the crushed seashells
You can sometimes hear the cries of the ocean
As it meets the shoreline, stirring up the oceans floor

A violent agitation of pounding waves
Beat the shore with a steaming persistent rage
There is a calm you seek as you stand gazing at a blue horizon
My sand allows a passage in and out
I can hear your sighs as you stand gazing at me for hours on end
I hear your thoughts, checking carefully
That I leave you in peace as you return to shore
Grace, faith, engulfs and loves a fragile porcelain soul
Sometimes so easily broken
Our friend the ocean has repaired so many hearts
With God’s help


A new day

Funny how first thing in the morning you can think better, I was trying so hard to think about this poem/prose last night. I woke up this morning and I knew how to do it…

Sometimes we are caught helpless
We wake up in the morning
Feeling a little blue
The mornings come
Open your eyes
Open a window

A new day begins
Our journey begins
A morning journey
Feeling a little blue
Ah! the kettle begins your morning
Freshly brewed coffee
That gentle pick me up
That opens your eyes

Now the day will get better
Time to think about today
Not tomorrow, tomorrow will look after itself
Yesterday has been and gone

Open the door, smell the morning air
This morning it’s lovely and fresh
A night filled with rain, freshens the day to come
I think about the day, to come
Not about yesterday

Life can be full of ups and downs
All a day wants is to see us smile
It might take us some time
Life never meant us any harm
Smile you know you believe it’s true

Listen to the noises of the morning
There is still an echo of silence

Broken by birds waking

In the fresh morning air
Open the door, smell the morning air
This morning it’s lovely and fresh
A night filled with rain, freshens the day to come
I think about the day, to come
Not about yesterday