Today I found the Kidman trail, driving on the back roads of the Barossa, I had to share this delightful old building I found. Even though it is falling apart I wondered if Sir Sidney Kidman may have stopped there.

Australians who know the history, know Sidney Kidman was one of the largest pastrol land lease across our great country.

The wall, the roof
Stood the test of time
I was always very high
Chipping away at the test of time
Stone by stone
Today it’s rough around the edges
Bricks falling by the way
Quite shabby, it was a home once
It’s falling bit by bit
Clouds pass by, roof leaks
Walls could tell stories
People, working, walking,
It all tells a story,
Some even argued
Bricks made of mud
More than you will ever know





My soul comes Alive, Australia



There’s a place in my heart
For a land I carry with me
I carry a pride for my land

My soul comes alive
There is a special strength
The land taught me to fight
To become who I am today

There is a magic and mystery
That comes from a sunburnt country
Forever this land will be my home
My heart is free, where the sunsets
In the bush, where the suns glisten
Across the skies of Australia

The dust gets in your skin
The creeks, flow into rivers
This land Australia is in your blood

Blue gum’s, cockatoos, koalas, kangaroos
Uluru, cities, sun and surf
Red sunsets across the outback

Were proud to be Australian
We love our land
Sleeping under the skies
Watching shootings stars
The night are yours
Under the stars of Australia









Australian Pelican



Pelican at the waters edge
Figures, shinning of the edge
Sleek and glowing in the silver wind
Blown across the land
That no-one can understand

In the clear shadows of dusk
Thin pools of water flicker

Under the stars, glistening by night
Only a flicker, I see the Pelican
Swiftly others flicker and land

Outward, beyond the eye of the Pelican
Seeking solitude
Where the winds brood
Across the waters

At one with with the wind and water
Quiet and understanding
Still when the spill of a wave
Scurries the Pelican and brood

Dusk, by the sea, linger a while
Tide, silver winds, ions, relax
Air, breeze, for the wings of a Pelican
Rise above an ocean, distance only motion
On the wings of God’s creation.


Shy yet glamours Australian bird the Kingfisher



I sit beside the lake listening in the sun
Quietly watching, Kingfishers on branches
A little noise and a flap of the wings
Lift off and further chatter, they dive into the lake
What danger for the fish huddling in spools beneath the water
Bush garden nearby, they feel the wind, They’re flying to rest
They were born to fly and fish, that is their life
Wind and water is their home, near the bush
They fly over the lake, nestling where I watch
Others stand nearby watching in awe
Of the majestic Australian bird

Kingfishers follow the water, Birds of
Australia created by God, Follow their
food chain. Glisten across they sky
With a magical chatter
They fly, they fly

They feed by the water
Dropping deep into the water
Flashing through the sky
Amazing creations by God

I wonder how they know,

Where feed is?


A wild free Australia

As dusk falls across the plain
A wild Brumby gallops
A deep dusty orange sun glistens
A race across the windy plain
It’s a song of the heart
Glistening light in the dark
All men are out to catch you
My warm feeling for you
Hopes they never catch you
Let freedom ring across the dusty sky
And rekindle the spark of life
Its a reason to live
When love is alive
Opening the sky’s and letting freedom in
Life is tender and tough

Dingo’s sit gathered together
A lone ridge in the distance
Golden colours of the sky
Fleeing as you spy them
All things wild and tameless
Its the love of the land
Golden sands of Australian
Tame the heart
It’s what love is about
Letting freedom ring
Something in my wild untamed heart
Feels for wild untamed Australia
Dingo’s wild as the Australian bushranger
Brumby’s out live their ban
May you still out match your foe

Please check out the links for a little Australian history.

Ties that bind my heart

I dedicated this to my Dad, and the country where he lived. There is more love now in my heart now than ever before as I have healed my heart further each day. My Dad lived in Country South Australia across the desert country.



My heart, I now watch closely
My eyes, I now keep open
Ties that bind my heart
I walk the line to where life began

My heart is true to those that bind
Yet I am alone at night when each day closes
Yes, as I think about the road to where life began
Because, You are in my life, I follow

The road to where the pepper trees, sway
Relics of life now dust, no signs of life
A rusty line, I follow, in search of life
I keep Your life in my mind day and night

Tracks where those who lived and walked
I follow the line, searching, for life
Where I began, Your at my side
Memories of Your life, now beside me
The Love for is now with me forever
I cannot hide my feelings, as I follow

My heart, I now watch closely
My eyes, I now keep open
Ties that bind my heart
I walk the line to where life began

We take our worries to God

Lay our cares at the bottom of the cross
Out of the darkness, we see the light
The deepest contrast of life
I have known despair
In times of difficulty
Wisdom shines its light
God has shown me
My strength will hold
My burdens, sometimes harsh
Yet the pain, now lightened
Turn your eyes towards the hills
See the hope shine in your eyes
Hope turns in your heart
Glimpses of light shines
In the wonder of God’s light


Wind and rain


The wind and rain keeps coming today here in South Aussie, which led me to thinking about my words this afternoon.



Wind and the rain hold you spellbound
Wild and revealing, days when it is hard to control
Your thoughts, Yet God is with you, up there ,
We pray for rain, We pray for wind, it is with God
We hold our thoughts from Heaven a place we hold
In our thoughts, for one day

The rain and wind
Arrive in prayer, the Spirit within
A binding commitment from its place
Staying seperate from life on earth
Staying within the sky

Each droplet that falls, is lost coming downward
From its kind, searching for hollows, no-matter
How deep, falling, stirring puddles, mixing with
Us earth bound beings

Our thoughts with God, with God the planted seed
Grows within ourselves, the Spirit within
The whole creation

We praise God
For the rains, and the wind
The maker of our rivers
And oceans

The rain and wind will not end
What falls will not rise again
As each droplet falls, finding an empty place
God in his mercy lends his grace
The rain and wind will not end
Wind and the rain hold you spellbound


My river was mapped for me



Though misleading at times

By the river and the sea
I feel the river flowing through
My body, my heart, my soul, to God’s sea
My river was mapped for me
Though misleading at times
I cannot change what happened along the way
It is mine and mine alone, mine to ponder
Crystal waters to keep free from mirages, toil
Covered in grime and soil, the winding river of life
Ends where it began and when life has surpassed,
It’s life span, I return to the river that was mapped for me
Mysteriously it lets me gather my daily course
Along my way to God’s sea, feel the perfume,
Of life as you pass the forests, through the crystal waters
Blossoms, linger in the air, stop a while
Be still, lay under the pines, feel the grass between your toes,
Healing Spirit from God as you lay still and feel the warmth
Images carry along my flowing river, glisten shadows,
Meld together as I journey to God’s sea
I feel the river flowing through, my story
Many stories of life flow, along the river to God’s sea
Many tears, eyes now that sparkle from the crystal waters
Yet there are many sad eyes, that flow past to God’s sea
From the rivers that are mapped for you
Stories from wounded hearts, nor tree that I pass
Along the way, pass flowery valleys, I gather momentum
Towards God’s sea, not to devastate, or destroy
My river is a comfort, a delight, Yet let me not devastate,
Those I pass along the way, my river mapped my course
But rather, leave the be to flow, their course
My river is my comfort, as I leaps over valleys and deep openings,
On the earths valleys, quietly I flow, and sweep my path
As I move without fear and bravely on, not knowing
What crosses my path or who stands near on my path
God showed me the path to love and to love
I keep following to the river

To God’s sea


An Aussie creature




Hear the scurry of a creature
Expect the unexpected creature
Dressed in fawn and grey
Swiftly they weave there way
Scampering from tree to tree

Nightly I hear them chatter in the trees
Shine a torch up high
Those huge eyes, darting
Hiding from capture
Oh! possum

You search the trees for hollows
Nightly, leaving enemies at bay
Hiding in fear of man

Where you live in trees
You search for food nightly
Using your bright eyes
As creature that have eyes

Days and seasons change
You change your self image
You fill your pantry
You hide Your image

You live within the trees
The hollows, free
Yet your life is your vacation
Hear, and imagine the life
An Aussie possum leads
With energy to burn

Nightly I listen in the still of night
I hear you talking in the night
I wonder where you go in the day
If you are safe, You Aussie Possum