There are times when I can’t believe

There are times when I can’t believe
I’m sitting where I am
Today with a big smile on my face
I sit with a big heart writing new words
To my life, where the come, I do not know
There’s no doubt God’s been good to me


Oh the sun shinning down on the valley
I’m where I want to be, right now,
I’ve never said right now, before
I’ve never felt so loved, I feel the peace
There’s no doubt God’s been good to me

God placed me here in this valley
On the edge of heaven
In the heart of a city
Where my dreams have come alive
Everything I have, and everything I see
Oh! I know God have been good to me


The road has been long
Sometimes I’ve lost my way
The darkened nights that continue
Into day, I lean then heavily on my new found faith
The devil had my soul chained
Lord your love has set me free
God has been good to me


Australian Pelican



Pelican at the waters edge
Figures, shinning of the edge
Sleek and glowing in the silver wind
Blown across the land
That no-one can understand

In the clear shadows of dusk
Thin pools of water flicker

Under the stars, glistening by night
Only a flicker, I see the Pelican
Swiftly others flicker and land

Outward, beyond the eye of the Pelican
Seeking solitude
Where the winds brood
Across the waters

At one with with the wind and water
Quiet and understanding
Still when the spill of a wave
Scurries the Pelican and brood

Dusk, by the sea, linger a while
Tide, silver winds, ions, relax
Air, breeze, for the wings of a Pelican
Rise above an ocean, distance only motion
On the wings of God’s creation.


Go back to the source




There is a river rising
It’s rising fast, with
God’s thought

Yet no-one has measured
Their full ability, full force
The soul of man empties
Go back, Go back, turn to the source

Find the beginning, forget the borders,
Ignore the obstacles on the way to the beginning
Remember the way, one thought, through night and day
If he keeps his thoughts, man may know his strength
A limitless strength, because he walks with God

That mighty stream is rising fast
God’s thought shall bear down
Hopes, efforts, and purpose
To anchor our hopes, faith, strength success
Find the beginning of life with God.


You are the same today and always

I lay my life at Your feet You have been my saviour I found You are the only way I turn my life to You I find You are always there My troubles have been long Now You are the one I seek I search You out, In troubled times I am humbled by You. You are the way of life Jesus, One way You are the one, Jesus That I live for One way Jesus I’ve realised You are always, there for us all Your grace is humbling to everyone You  are the same today and always Never changing There is no end to Your being The Truth in Your scripture Is the way of life Walking in faith and not by sight We Live You are the way of life Jesus, One way You are the one, Jesus That I live for One way Jesus In Jesus name Amen

Your Spirit, is in us all

The many twist and turns in life, we can know that God is there willing to help us all. I’ve been checking some of my prayers in my journal today. To hot in Australia to venture outside today.


I speak of Your greatness Lord,
I talk of You and Your Goodness
Words You share

Though I have only known You a short time,
I see the many wonderful things You do
I’ve spread Your word to many

Know that I now know, You Lord, please don’t leave me
For the ones that follow, should know Your greatness as I do
Your power, that shapes a world

Dear Lord, I feel Your power each day
The wind You create reaches far above the skies
Your Spirit, is in us all
There is no – one like You

I’ve seen troubles and hard times
I had to see them, You were with me
But I did not know it then
You have picked me up, given me a new life
Together, I can do more
Your comfort shelters me
Praising You each day
In Jesus name Amen

Your eyes search your inner soul

My eyes, reach for the hills
Already searching, the road ahead
The road to which I begun
We are held fast by what we cannot reach
Your eyes search your inner soul
For that which you cannot reach
Even from a distance

I feel charged when I walk
Even if I don’t reach my goal
There is always something else to see
My eyes roam the hills, sensing, the unreachable
I feel the wind in my face
The spirit of my inner soul
Talks to me as I walk
Forever at my side

Now forever at my side
There is a hand holding mine
Leading me, as I walk the hills
And settles within, mine
The hand of the Lord Jesus
Leads me, across a winding trail
Yet I do not perish, He leads me home


Bronzed in Memory

A gate hangs, for those who wait
Bronzed in memory, my heart goes to the garden
Where I once walked, olden plants, olden ornaments
Walks that I once took now memories
Old – time pleasures flow in my heart
Loves, that flow from the things I used to know
Meets me here in my garden of memories
As I wander to and fro

I hear a child’s laughter, signs of joy
I can feel the face of a child, in memory
Feel the smile of a child, bring joy
Would you stand so deep in joy?
Wild thrill of laughter, rapture your heart
Yet feel the glance of eyes that are darkened
Deemed to stray under the darkness of the night
In the midst of Joy, grab a tune from the floating birds

A gate hangs, for those who wait
Bronzed in memory, my heart goes to the garden
Where I once walked, olden plants, olden ornaments
Music echoes, on the swell of dreamy air, from birds above
A tune long forgotten, never sounded, again
Yet those times I was in the garden
It follows me through the roses
The kiss of perfume, that touches your cheeks
Glows in the light, a moment never forgotten
On this day, I opened the gate
Bronzed in memory, the painful sorrow
Tears flow, like a stream, times quaint stream
Roses now, crying for tender care
Walks that I once took now memories
Old – time pleasures flow in my heart
Loves, that flow from the things I used to know
There is a cry of pain, as I shut the gate
And walk away, to the present
Now I walk in the quiet paths
A much better path too take
The pain of those days, now vanished


The Spirit of time



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As I wake
I hear the clock
It beats like my soul
To introduce my soul to time
Life is a sense of phase
Each part of our life
Day by day, each step
Is a sense of timing
The people we see
The people we meet
The clock I hear
Is still marking time
Guiding us along our path
Whatever direction we take
A constant pounding of time
Confusion reigns in our minds
That an immortal binds
A clock echoing throughout a room
As if it is sending us a message
Watching every move, waiting for you
To fall

The Lord tells us, “Be Still”
There is a moment in time, where the clock beats for us
Your heart beats to your rhythm, as the clock beat for you
Your time, as the clock beat uniquely for us all
Each step of our journey
I hear the clock beating differently now
For when the time beats for us all
It is our time, our tune

In time my story will be told
I don’t know where or when
I listen to the beats of time now
Not fearing each day
For the presence of time is our story
My destiny lies within the melody of time
Have Faith, believe, trust
The Spirit of time will carry you through

Leaning and trusting in God

I have been known to lean
On myself, my own understanding
I learn now, to depend, on the Lord
I Depend on You,
To show me the way, to Your understanding
You have cleansed my heart
You have cleansed my life
For those that do not know You
I ask for their forgiveness
My desire is to draw near to you
As we make time to sit quietly
With You and listen to Your words
In our heart

There have been times
When my emotions dragged me down
You know this Lord
Today I find being led by your Spirit
Opens my heart
Today I bring my heart to you
My emotions are shaky today
You are my strength, my rock
Today I stand tall
My confidence is in Your word
You help me live in Your peace
I trust Your word and I live in Faith
In the name of Jesus Amen


He shuffled the rock and knelt down

He shuffled the rock and knelt down to pray
And at the closing of the day
We cry out to God, lifting our eyes
Earthly events follow their course
You have taught me to be prepared
Things will happen in Your time
I pray often
Your love is revealed to me
Your love is revealed to many
In the midst of all suffering
I understand Your way Now
You protect us
You have done so much for me
I praise Your name
You never let me be lost
Be with us Lord night and day
Sending us the strength we need to serve you
In Jesus name Amen