Trust in God

I’ve lived in the darkness
My heart was closed
But now I see colours
I see the stars in my eyes
The magic comes alive
Among the kaleidoscope of life

My head was in another world
I’ve fallen in love with life
Dreaming under the stars
I’ll be alright now, I look to the skies

The rainbow of life, came alive
Trust in God, trust in yourself
I know, life is scary, today and tomorrow
Put on the colours of a rainbow

When you forget how to daydream
So consumed, with false witness
In the darkness, life is so short
Deep down, I can’t loose hope
My heart has come alive
With the hope of God

Our scars of life, make us who we are
My head was in another world
I’ve fallen in love with life
Dreaming under the stars
I’ll be alright now, I look to the skies
Now when the winds howl strong
Hold on tight to God, be strong in faith

Find the rainbow of God
The rainbow of life, came alive
Trust in God, trust in yourself
I know, life is scary
Put on the colours of a rainbow
Leaving the past behind

The Covenant of the Rainbow Genesis 9:12-14
…12God said, “This is the sign of the covenant which I am making between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all successive generations; 13I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth. 14″It shall come about, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow will be seen in the cloud,…

Ezekiel 1:28
As the appearance of the rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the surrounding radiance. Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. And when I saw it, I fell on my face and heard a voice speaking.


Australian Pelican



Pelican at the waters edge
Figures, shinning of the edge
Sleek and glowing in the silver wind
Blown across the land
That no-one can understand

In the clear shadows of dusk
Thin pools of water flicker

Under the stars, glistening by night
Only a flicker, I see the Pelican
Swiftly others flicker and land

Outward, beyond the eye of the Pelican
Seeking solitude
Where the winds brood
Across the waters

At one with with the wind and water
Quiet and understanding
Still when the spill of a wave
Scurries the Pelican and brood

Dusk, by the sea, linger a while
Tide, silver winds, ions, relax
Air, breeze, for the wings of a Pelican
Rise above an ocean, distance only motion
On the wings of God’s creation.


Shy yet glamours Australian bird the Kingfisher



I sit beside the lake listening in the sun
Quietly watching, Kingfishers on branches
A little noise and a flap of the wings
Lift off and further chatter, they dive into the lake
What danger for the fish huddling in spools beneath the water
Bush garden nearby, they feel the wind, They’re flying to rest
They were born to fly and fish, that is their life
Wind and water is their home, near the bush
They fly over the lake, nestling where I watch
Others stand nearby watching in awe
Of the majestic Australian bird

Kingfishers follow the water, Birds of
Australia created by God, Follow their
food chain. Glisten across they sky
With a magical chatter
They fly, they fly

They feed by the water
Dropping deep into the water
Flashing through the sky
Amazing creations by God

I wonder how they know,

Where feed is?


Window of your soul

Glance across the fields, of heaven
Looking deep into the window of your soul
All the glory of God’s world, may glorify
Not the narrow window pane
The glow that glistens from many a source
Catching radiant rays, a tear glistens
Blinds cover our eyes with superstition at times
As we raise the blinds of superstition, letting the light in
The light pours through the window shedding truth
On God’s world

Through the corridors of doubt
The splendour of space across the horizon
Might we bathe in a glow that glistens
From many a source
Sweep the debri of doubt from our mind
Throwing our soul wide open to the light of God
For reason and knowledge, feast our eyes
Listen to the word from God

As the stars shine through, glistening
Creating worlds from above, the music of nature
And our heart, turns to the goodness of truth
A plant turns to the sun, the hands from above reach down to help you
And all the forces of nature, fortify your strength
Tell me, be not afraid, grasp at the truth
Feel the hand of God reaching down upon you
In jesus name Amen


The seeds of time are gathered on the wind

A seed of time is planted, and soon will grow
Taking hold in soil, sprouting, gathering
When the rains come, each drop of rain falls
Upon a seed, it shall grow, gathering strength
Each day, through to the centre of the seed
A tree of life is now born, sharing its heart and soul
To each, giving life to a tree, make the world whole
Each day new leaves, spring buds of joy
The fruit of the earth comes from a tree, giving life
Strength from the roots, strong growth from the trunk
Helps us connect with the earth
Life is the same for us all no-matter what
As the leave form, we grow, like all creatures
Branches form the many journeys we take
The different paths of life may we drift
Each season we may drift, leave grow and fall
A light shines through from God
Sharing the tree of life with us all, from Gods love


Walking the trails
I came upon many trees
But one, the sun shined through
Many branches
Reflecting down on me

So much life branched out
As I looked upon the branches
All that I could see, engulfed by light
Sunlight glistened down
Warming my body

A shadow beamed down on me
I looked up, trying to make sense
I feel to my knees, in bewilderment
My memory is now a blur

I felt a presence before me
I prayed many times
Walking the forest
Though this time it was different
There was a spirit about
The presence of God

The tree of life was before me
Yet when I got up from my knees
And started to walk away
There was a chill about me
I turned to look
My tree was not there
Yet there was an eerie feel
In my soul
There is a message



Battling the darkness

Lately I feel as though I had been sinking, I don’t know where. But rebuilding your life is hard work. I’ve been searching lately for answers not knowing where to turn, but all roads lead to God. Hence this poem to remind myself.




When you are lying flat exhausted
I feel distressed, I muffle a sound
As I call out to the Lord
I call out for help
Deep within the realm of my soul
You listen to my cry for help

You hurl me into decisions
I need to make, the depths
Of my life, the currents of life swirl about me
As the waves of an oceans
Sweep over you, beating at the shore

The times I banished You from my sight
Yet I turned to look for You again
Towards the heavens

The times I feel as though I am drowning
Engulfed by the waters of life, Raging deeper each day
Battling the seaweed, pulling me down

Mountains fading in the distant as I sank down
The oceans barred me from reaching the earth
But You, God have raised me
You bought me out of the darkness

When my life was pulling me away
Now I remember You, and how You have risen me
My prayer is for You.
I clung to the old
But now search for God’s love

I shout God’s praise, I am grateful
From God in my life
My life is with You now God
I vow life is good with the Lord
The Lord granted me Salvation.


Wind and rain


The wind and rain keeps coming today here in South Aussie, which led me to thinking about my words this afternoon.



Wind and the rain hold you spellbound
Wild and revealing, days when it is hard to control
Your thoughts, Yet God is with you, up there ,
We pray for rain, We pray for wind, it is with God
We hold our thoughts from Heaven a place we hold
In our thoughts, for one day

The rain and wind
Arrive in prayer, the Spirit within
A binding commitment from its place
Staying seperate from life on earth
Staying within the sky

Each droplet that falls, is lost coming downward
From its kind, searching for hollows, no-matter
How deep, falling, stirring puddles, mixing with
Us earth bound beings

Our thoughts with God, with God the planted seed
Grows within ourselves, the Spirit within
The whole creation

We praise God
For the rains, and the wind
The maker of our rivers
And oceans

The rain and wind will not end
What falls will not rise again
As each droplet falls, finding an empty place
God in his mercy lends his grace
The rain and wind will not end
Wind and the rain hold you spellbound


He shuffled the rock and knelt down

He shuffled the rock and knelt down to pray
And at the closing of the day
We cry out to God, lifting our eyes
Earthly events follow their course
You have taught me to be prepared
Things will happen in Your time
I pray often
Your love is revealed to me
Your love is revealed to many
In the midst of all suffering
I understand Your way Now
You protect us
You have done so much for me
I praise Your name
You never let me be lost
Be with us Lord night and day
Sending us the strength we need to serve you
In Jesus name Amen


Twlight of nature

By a rambling creek, rushing swiftly
As a deer roams, racing quietly
Wandering past, into the thicket
Over flowers, richest in perfume

I sit quietly, watching a silent deer
My ears listening to the tune of nature
Anticipating the movement of a deer
Twilight of nature breaks thro’
The horizon

Alone he gallops, gracefully
Infectious is his image, the fury of his pace
His heart pulsating, dancing where the rambling creek roams
Beautiful rhythm, as a deer roams

A glow with the sun, reflected light
Surrounds the deer, watching the day
An ornament jewel of the night
Where the stars glisten

His eyes sparkle with love
Searching for his partner
He knows not rhyme or reason
His heart is full of symphonies
Idyllic in a thicket of trees
By a rambling creek, running quickly
We must sing songs of love quickly
Peaceful hearts, now beating quickly

A lyrical song creating
Beneath the face of a deer
And resistant thoughts
Wisdom created by dreams
Insight and imagery of dreams
Within the soul

Mysterious flowers

I enjoyed getting this shot, the pattern of bamboo tied together and the flowers hidden behind.
Here I am for you
I stand before a fence
You are a flower
Of glorious colour
Of glorious perfume
That makes me stand here
Never wanting to go far