Life now within the Barossa


The courage it took to take that first step into the unknown is enormous. I had no idea of what I was going to do or where I was going to live. Making a new life is full of ups and downs.
Finding the trust deep within myself, to trust myself again to make decisions. Showing myself to the world, getting to know myself after so many years. I look back now, when I see what I came from. I put so many demands on myself, I had to find faith. Dropping the past was the biggest hurdle, I know the dead past is now gone, this month is my first real big step into the new
Something deep inside has been poking at me saying, “It is time” taking the step mixing with people on the international stage at the Australian open is going to be unreal. There is a little fear inside my heart, but I’m not frightened. Each day now as my departure gets closer the excitement is overwhelming. I can now see my days are going to be full of fun an excitement.
Most people whom come through a life that was hard, never get to where I am. Fear still lives in my heart, but life gets easier and easier as time has moved forward. I know I will be challenged and tested.
I believe in the choices I have made, my courage has increased my ability to cope. Gathering my strength and belief in myself so late to me is my world of dreams complete.
I’m walking on a path starting the New Year with a challenge to see the world come together in Melbourne. It’s a commitment towards something I have never done before in my life. I will be writing about my challenge.
I’ve always had adventure in my heart, my new world is opening. I’ve pour out healing words about my life, now I can leave those words behind as my future starts. I know I have life experience, I am committed to making my life.
As I look back and see what I’ve achieved, remembering the moments that have made my life what it is today.
I’ve been thinking a great deal about my roots these last few months, and where I have come from. My love of tennis comes from my Dad. I’ve covered some territory these past few years searching, yet not connecting till now. Where I now live there is a network of support, so much energy comes from the people I have met, yet nourished my new life.
The way I’m starting my year, it’s going to be a year I will never forget. Keeping the momentum going through the year is going to be a challenge, but I know I will. Here’s to the future.

With God now in my life all things are created new.






2 thoughts on “Life now within the Barossa

  1. “With God now in my life All things are Created New”…..

    A very good Focus Bj and may God continue to Uplift you as you Trust and Obey Him because There is no other Way to be Happy in Jesus but to Trust and Obey…..

    You will be very much in my thoughts Bj as you enjoy your Tennis Holiday, I’m still trying to work out how a little Ball can cause so much emotion but than I never had anyone to teach me why it does like you did, how very Blessed you were to have had a Loving Dad.

    Christian Love dear Bj and God’s Blessings,
    Anne ( Grannie Annie)

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    • I know its been a while my friend my journey has taken me to new heights. I wake up dreaming I’m in another place. Then I realise I’m home, with Brandy beside me. I’m dreaming cause I’ve reconnected with myself, someone I lost many years ago. Feeling a peace I hadn’t known for so long. Blessings my friend, I am going to try get online in a day or so.


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