Have you ever been lost?

The journey I have taken, lately I’ve had to do a great deal of thinking about my journey and where I’ve journeyed from and arriving to the destination where I am at now.

You are a brave soul
You are not lost
You are being found
Every step you take
Every movement you make
Every decision and every breath
Is part of the journey
The ups and downs
It’s all part of the journey
It’s part of the road we we are supposed to follow
I think, I’ve been entering, this space lately
Letting go of the old ways and doing things differently
I’m moving into a new story of my life
A journey of possibilities
A journey of adventure
Wild explosion
Lately I’ve been trying to understand
I can see it can go a couple of ways
The old ways are still there
The new ways are unknown
The illumination of the new ways are before me
I took the lighted path, followed the light
The want and yet doubt of everything I do or going through
You question whether or not it is the way
I struggled in so many ways
The truth is that sense of feeling free
The ability to go anywhere
The do things that are new to me
There are no ties, no restrictions

“This feeling of freedom, is new”
I’ve generated thoughts on paper
The desire to follow the path
I have set before me
I don’t know what it looks like
So many questions

Whatever is now on my heart
Whatever is on my mind
It’s right in front of me

Decisions making them
It was the part making me flounder
Times I didn’t wanted to make decisions
The amount of work, the time
The effort was daunting
I didn’r realise there was something important, near
The reward
The impact, positive vibrations
The heart tells me, “I can do this”
The heart, shows me my desires
I cannot enter the land of doubt again
I must continue to step right out into life
One step at a time, One decision at a time
The ripple of life will matter, I can make a difference
In life today.




4 thoughts on “Have you ever been lost?

  1. Such a good focus Bj …….One step at a time, One decision at a time The ripple of life will matter, I can make a difference
    In life today.

    Some become confused in their understanding of God’s direction for their lives even mistakenly believing to follow Him means Hardship and fear but this is not True.

    The word fear in Hebrew has two different meanings depending in which Context they are used, for us as God’s Redeemed Children it means Reverence, Awe and Respect for Him but for those who reject God it is fleshy fear of punishment, their choice not God’s.

    Yes life will bring trouble and persecution when we follow Jesus but we will endure and God will work everything out for good in our lives.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


    • I had been lost for so long, now found in Gods world, there is life. Carrying the scripture of Ephesians 6:10-20 you can do anything. God’s Armour is our protector. Even in Isaiah 53. Oh! I am using scripture, I’m not so new any more. Proud of me.

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