Life runs deep

God helps up continually day even though at times we do not know He is with us. Without God I would not be here now.

Another life run deep within my soul
Within my life, there is another
I’ve opened my life wide, to which
There is many seasons
Silent seasons, mysterious to me
They reside in all shapes and sizes
That cautiously, know me
Creeping about inside
Born within me, they now sleep inside me
Familiar to me, from the day I opened my eyes
Today there is endless calm, brooding inside
And though it glides, beyond the sight of my dreams
I keep, a voice of gentleness, energy flows silently
I know the current, pulsing to the harmonies, of light and dark
Within the spirit, delights, the heavens
The world now deep in silence, Through silent seasons
Mysterious to me through murmurous boughs




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