Songs of our lives

Songs of our life are the tunes of God
God writes the words, the patterns
We set the tune, to music each day
Songs of sadness, sweetness, or glad
We choose the time, fashion, each situation

We write the tune, whatever song of life
Rhyme or reason, sadness, we can turn into joy
We can turn Joy into Joyfulness

Each life has a song, that is free and strong
Music he writes is only a small part
Sadness, the pain in life
The singer becomes the story teller

The singer talks to God, in his voice
A hymn resinate’s across the sky
He knows not how the words sound
Words lonely and sad, because
The tune is dreary

Music ringing across the sky
Under the tune of sadness
The song of another
Through words, turns pain into gladness

Triumphant words, now ring out
Giving the world, more joy
Setting ourselves alive, in the world of God
So whether our songs are sad or not
In which the heart is now set alive
We can live and survive


14 thoughts on “Songs of our lives

      • Hope you are well. I’m kind of up and down, still going through tests but I know more than I did this time last year. It seems a lot of my pain is migraine. I’ve had that on and off for most of my life but never with the kind of extreme and kind of bizarre symptoms I’m having now. I guess it’s common for them to get worse as a person ages and migraine is the sixth most debilitating disease in the world. They think I’m having either hemaplelgic (the brain) or brain stem migraines. I’m taking a medication that helps prevent them but I still have some breakthrough and I can’t get rid of the vertigo. I don’t spend much time online because the computer screen doesn’t help. I guess you are in Autumn now? We’ve had lots of moisture and the desert is very green this spring. I have lots of happy deer.:0) God bless you and keep writing such beautiful poetry. You work gets better and better.


        • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.Autumn is coming to an end here, next month we creep into the dark depths of winter. I have been up and down myself, but nothing like what you have been going through. Vertigo is cruel I have a friend that goes through vertigo bouts for weeks.

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            • Sometimes I wish I didn’t drive, everything seems a long way. I’m looking forward to next year when I turn 65 in January, then the government starts paying for me. To do this or that. Wow you are going through the wringer.I am doing E.M.D.R. treatment with my psychologist, it is a bit rough going through imagery of instances of my life takes a couple of days to pick up then I feel on top. I am thinking when I am finished I am going to be stronger and more confident.

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