A wild free Australia

As dusk falls across the plain
A wild Brumby gallops
A deep dusty orange sun glistens
A race across the windy plain
It’s a song of the heart
Glistening light in the dark
All men are out to catch you
My warm feeling for you
Hopes they never catch you
Let freedom ring across the dusty sky
And rekindle the spark of life
Its a reason to live
When love is alive
Opening the sky’s and letting freedom in
Life is tender and tough

Dingo’s sit gathered together
A lone ridge in the distance
Golden colours of the sky
Fleeing as you spy them
All things wild and tameless
Its the love of the land
Golden sands of Australian
Tame the heart
It’s what love is about
Letting freedom ring
Something in my wild untamed heart
Feels for wild untamed Australia
Dingo’s wild as the Australian bushranger
Brumby’s out live their ban
May you still out match your foe



Please check out the links for a little Australian history.

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