Window of your soul

Glance across the fields, of heaven
Looking deep into the window of your soul
All the glory of God’s world, may glorify
Not the narrow window pane
The glow that glistens from many a source
Catching radiant rays, a tear glistens
Blinds cover our eyes with superstition at times
As we raise the blinds of superstition, letting the light in
The light pours through the window shedding truth
On God’s world

Through the corridors of doubt
The splendour of space across the horizon
Might we bathe in a glow that glistens
From many a source
Sweep the debri of doubt from our mind
Throwing our soul wide open to the light of God
For reason and knowledge, feast our eyes
Listen to the word from God

As the stars shine through, glistening
Creating worlds from above, the music of nature
And our heart, turns to the goodness of truth
A plant turns to the sun, the hands from above reach down to help you
And all the forces of nature, fortify your strength
Tell me, be not afraid, grasp at the truth
Feel the hand of God reaching down upon you
In jesus name Amen


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