We have Hope in God

Dear Lord, Each day You help me move through my day with strength, my trust in you grows each day. You give me hope as I cast all my cares and woes at the cross.

I am leaning on Jesus now more than ever, each night when I lay and place my head on my pillow. Each morning when I wake get ready for my walk and feel the spirit of Jesus as I walk.


One of them, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was reclining next to him.—John 13:23


I did not know I could have these feelings about Jesus and how Jesus works in our lives. How Jesus has loved us all is amazing, right back to the first century when He is having meals with His disciples. They the disciples were leaning on Jesus then

With Jesus in our lives we can feel a closeness as the disciples did, the Bible to me gives me an illustration for my life now. Others may not, I know many non-Christians that are good people The Lord has given me rest, a rest I never knew I could have in my life.

I praise God, because He, was waiting for me to come to Him. There was so much weight on my shoulders, my shoulders were drooped so much, people thought I was older than I was. I could not touch Jesus physically, but Jesus came into my heart. Jesus has enabled me to rest my heart and soul.

Jesus is faithful, saving me from so much turmoil.

Dear Lord, hear my prayer today

I come into Your presence

Seeking Your refuge,

Especially in these times

When so much is happening

We are all troubled by so much

In this world today,

You are our God, Our God that has saved us all,

You have been my helper for all times

Even though I did not know it, till now

I praise and glorify Your name

As You do for others,

You have done for me

Giving me a new Spirit

I pray in Your name Jesus Amen..


6 thoughts on “We have Hope in God

      • It’s hard and sometimes expensive to find a good match. In rural areas there aren’t many choices. I finally found a woman online that helped me more than anyone. I was also, able to talk to many survivors and it sped the process up. Don’t give up. God has the right person waiting. I’ll probably read your email tomorrow. I really have to try and sleep. Love you.


  1. So True Bj there is no fear in Christ Jesus, when we are Perfected in Love we have God’s seed, His Spirit in us keeps us strong, yes we let go of our burdens and let God carry them for us through the ups and downs of life. Why should we fear anyone when we have God on our side and all those in The Body of Christ.

    Christian Love- Anne


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