Emotions by the waters edge

From deep within our mind, thoughts
There was always water
As children, playing happily
Along the water’s edge
Around the boats, we wandered
Jumping ropes coiled, laying quietly on jetties
Day by day, consciousness of the water
About our lives, by rivers, lakes, or oceans
The crashing waves hitting the fore shore

As we grew, so did our awareness
Our knowledge of water ways
Rivers swell, Oceans abound
We grew to know the expressions of water
Water our friend or foe
We turn our knowledge to our advantage
What days to wander by the ocean
What days to meander the rivers
Yet there is times to stay at home

The thirst for the ocean fore shore
The friendship we create, with the ocean
The sense of the way life is, or is not
A change in weather, creates havoc
Perception of the weather
Creates a new direction
New life under the sun
A cycle of life

Through the storms of life
Shock and realisation
There is a time we are called
One by one, a shadow appears
I feel a presence, a power, the power of God
Beyond the terror of life
We are expected to flounder
From that shadow, we feel a tug
Lifting us out of the depths

The echo, the howl of the wind
Our ambitions sometimes chaotic
Each ambition, sometimes we miss, and miss again
Through moments of grief
The last days of spring rain
Walking in between the coming rains
The lands blossoming, drinking up waters
Our minds wander of life to come

As we turn to the water
Hear the cry of birds
The evening breeze
The beauty of the constant motion
Again and again waters roll back and forth

The wind rises,we huddle down
Hiding our faces from spray
The early light would find
Us walking freely by the waters edge
The beginnings of dawn
Wind blowing the sea grasses
Voices carry across the windy shore
The fresh morning air on the edge of the wind
Clouds burn high above with the morning sun
Reflecting images on a distant hillside
Our hearts lifted towards the morning sky
Soaring on the coat tails of wind and rain

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