The seeds of time are gathered on the wind

A seed of time is planted, and soon will grow
Taking hold in soil, sprouting, gathering
When the rains come, each drop of rain falls
Upon a seed, it shall grow, gathering strength
Each day, through to the centre of the seed
A tree of life is now born, sharing its heart and soul
To each, giving life to a tree, make the world whole
Each day new leaves, spring buds of joy
The fruit of the earth comes from a tree, giving life
Strength from the roots, strong growth from the trunk
Helps us connect with the earth
Life is the same for us all no-matter what
As the leave form, we grow, like all creatures
Branches form the many journeys we take
The different paths of life may we drift
Each season we may drift, leave grow and fall
A light shines through from God
Sharing the tree of life with us all, from Gods love


Walking the trails
I came upon many trees
But one, the sun shined through
Many branches
Reflecting down on me

So much life branched out
As I looked upon the branches
All that I could see, engulfed by light
Sunlight glistened down
Warming my body

A shadow beamed down on me
I looked up, trying to make sense
I feel to my knees, in bewilderment
My memory is now a blur

I felt a presence before me
I prayed many times
Walking the forest
Though this time it was different
There was a spirit about
The presence of God

The tree of life was before me
Yet when I got up from my knees
And started to walk away
There was a chill about me
I turned to look
My tree was not there
Yet there was an eerie feel
In my soul
There is a message



8 thoughts on “The seeds of time are gathered on the wind

  1. A beautiful and uplifting Experience Bj to hold in your heart during the Storms of Life, Jesus is the Light in the Darkness, His radiance outshines the Sun.

    Your experience reminded me Bj of a Poem I wrote during a heavy Storm in my life, I was in despair but Jesus Light shone through. I also Posted a Story called Light in the darkness, perhaps I will share them and if OK will Link to you too.

    Thank you Bj, you have Uplifted me,

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

    Liked by 1 person

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