Across many paths

I was in discussion lately about walking in someone elses shoes. How it does not work walking, or journeying sometimes together. When someone trying to take over your life.

There comes a time when you part ways, when you need to spread your wings.


Across many paths
Two rivers meet
Two lives meet
Two people
Walking two paths

Two lives cross
“Can I walk your path?” I ask
For days I walk the strangers path
Puzzling questions enter my mind
“Why am I doing this?”
“It’s not what I need”
“Its not my road to journey”

Parting ways
Where two rivers meet
Many paths were crossed here
Two lives journeyed
“We may meet again” I cried out
“I need another path to travel”
I bade my companion goodbye
Choosing my road


2 thoughts on “Across many paths

  1. I’m pleased Bj that Jesus’ Heart and Arms are always open to us and that He never says goodbye, He has walked in our shoes but He does not listen to the negative vibes but sees the beauty in us not the bad picture Satan paints.

    Some walk away Bj without even telling the other person that in their life they don’t want to stay ? they just disappear and leave a trail of pain. I wonder when people do this how they would feel if they really walked in the abandoned person’s shoes, would they be happy to know the other person does not care or would they also be in despair.

    Blessings dear friend, let’s keep looking up for His Light – Anne.


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