Free in spirit

Life with purpose
What is it we?
Are trying to find?
Each and everyone of us?
We question every movement
The desire to pave the way

Those with the need
A need to impress
Desires with egos’
There are reason
For those with needs
For the benefit of others
Something needs to be done
Daily matter of life
That needs to be addressed

Life caught up in the
Pace of a millennium
Sometimes life is a
Whirlwind, fast forward
All the time
Good times, bad times
Why does life need to be complicated?

Why are we here on earth?
I’ve often wondered
All that I achieve
Maybe it will make the path of life
Easier for someone else
And fitting for someone else
To follow me

I am here and now
It is good for me
My simple way of life
For each year of my life
Simple, yet life’s truth is simple
At times, I know, we struggle
When we are at one with life
Our mind and body are free
Free in spirit, at one with God


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