A little brown dog waiting searching

There sits in the fields of heaven,
A little brown dog waiting searching,
With angels about, protecting her,
She has found Charlie, her brother,
They know I will come, one day,

Angels circle, playing happily,
Tibby and Charlie sit,
Watching,eyes now clear,
Heads tilted listening, little ears lifted,
For the sounds of laughter,
They know, waiting patiently,
One day I will come, and call their name,
They will know my voice,

They know, down on earth,
I walk each day now, talking to them,
I utter their name, when I sleep,
Two little dogs bark for me,
I call to them, they hear my voice,
I know they do,
Sitting waiting, in the fields for me,
With Angels protecting them.
Best friends forever.


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