With each drop of rain

Rain can be friend or foe, In Australia recently there has been floods everywhere. A country known for its long dry seasons, we have had storms that are rarely seen. I wrote this thinking of the good that rain can do. Even though today there is sadness in our country because of floods.

A farmer enchanted by rain
A city dweller annoyed by rain
Yet with all its wild and wooly,
Wind and rain comes worship
Days in the midst of rain, its hard to pray
God is out there, looking down from,
Heaven, is a place, we know its there
But we don’t know where

In the middle of rain there is a pattern,
Into the silence, Our prayer, is heard,
Pledging help, from a sky bound destination

With each bead of rain, falling, lost
Seeks to find. a hollow deep,
Within a crevice, mixing with earthly things
Germinating God’s creatures, giving life,
In remembrance of God ,

With our thoughts focused on God
We praise God, the giver of life
The creator

Of all things
Can you behold nothing greater?
While unto the creator
We praise God the creator of our rain


10 thoughts on “With each drop of rain

  1. Floods are terrifying! We had a terrible flood on our property in 2013. It washed away twenty years of work but it also brought new life with the growth and flowering of plants we’d never seen on our property before. When your floods pass I know God will bless your land with many new and beautiful things.

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    • Hi! it’s nice to hear from you, I have had to take time out this year and regroup. We are lucky this year, there has been a great deal on wild flowers and over in the West there has been so many new wildflowers never seen before. The River Murray our major river that starts in New South Wales and Finishes in South Australia is heading our way with a force that is threatening many river towns. Lucky I live in the hills. The talk around our district is the growth that is drying out fast with the bush fire season now fast upon us. God will protect us all.

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  2. Very True Bj and your focus in your message is a very good one, with you looking for the good and Thanking God for it, this is uplifting encouragement for myself and for others too, Thank you.

    Yes God sends the Sun and the Rain for those who Love Him but also those who don’t Love Him benefit by them too, we do indeed need both the Sun and the Rain to survive so let’s always give Thanks with a grateful heart.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


    • You got a lot more rain to come my friend with the Monsoon season, we are drying out slowly but rain keeps coming. A lot of talk now is about the fire season with so much growth this year, grass is drying out fast even though we are still getting a great deal of rain.


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