A message of friendship

We’ve sat on clouds together
Share our dreams, together
Come with me on a cloud one more time
And together we will share our dreams
We’ve laughed and cried together, so many times
We have said goodbye many times over the years
But we always return, together we have shared many dreams
Together we sit, floating, on a cloud, not coming down
I think about your dreams, the dreams we shared together
All those years ago, we are different now, we are older and gray
Yet the sun still shines on us, making us grow
There are no rules now, we can do whatever we wish
No secrets to hide, we are open an honest, it’s been a long time
All day we dream, about our lives, yet we can still be strong
We sit together, on a cloud, float above, watching the doves circle
So share with me Your dreams


4 thoughts on “A message of friendship

  1. Thank you for sharing about your friendship Bj which seems to have lasted from when you were young, so good when you are able to stay in contact.

    Friendship from God is Eternal, you were once a stranger Bj until you walked into my heart and I know having asked God, He will bind us together in His Love for Eternity .

    Christian Love Always- Anne


    • Thank you my friend I class you in the poem. My friend is now in a nursing home for her life, We have been friends for nearly 50yrs along with her husband we all went to school together, now we are gray.


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