freedom so profound

I have been experiencing a great deal of new feelings lately, not sure of what is going on in my life. Now I know, I am experiencing freedom for the first time in my life. It is a great feeling. Freedom.



As far as the eye can see,
As far as the heart and soul feel
A thunder roars inside,
The horizon is alive with fury
The sea shapes the earth
Deep shades of blue tint the horizon
Salt crystallizes my brow
There is a curse that breathes
As the tide draws away
Creating the shapes of the earth mesmerizing

I tuck in my jacket, huddle inside
Such a striking sound, airborne
Thunder roars in my ears, sounds or oceans
Airborne, breezes gather images
Feeling cold, I gather my jacket, tightly
I embrace my walk of freedom with every stride
Rain caresses my face, yet a fire burns inside
Free is the soul, free is the heart, once bound
So profound


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