Your image waiting for me

A journey through despair
Across valleys
I came through a journey once
My sight more powerful than the darkness
Through the night visions of the past
Fair memories of eyes that once smiled
Perfume lingered, as I came through the valley
Through the journey I began to see
Fair and far, images floating looking up
Searching the stars, leading them
Toward the shore, of my lost
The arrow, now lingering, floating
Hope, now lingers in the future
As I journey across the valley

Empty from a journey through the valley
Though a light now shines, like a beam
Lightning flashes across the horizon
Desolate, in despair, loves eyes now searching
Dear God, I have journeyed, but I fell
My soul searching for you God,
Now as I come through the valley
I recognised Your image waiting for me

In Jesus name Amen

15 thoughts on “Your image waiting for me

        • Step one of my teeth are done, phew. I am being very careful with what I am eating this week. I am terrified of breaking them, I never wish to go through that again. New medication is slowly bringing the coughing under control. I found out through scans there is Emphysema, a bit of asbestos, and a hernia protruding up through the lungs. Nothing like having the lot in there, but I can live with it all.I will fight to keep myself active. I am going to the pool almost 4 days a week. That is great news you are getting some strength back. How many people have said to me “it is fun getting old,” I reply “I don’t feel as old as I did when I was 30,40,50,”

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          • That’s good you feel younger. I felt like I turned eighty this winter…I’m not ready for swimming but I’m getting more work done around the house without having to lay down between each chore. My afternoon nap is shorter and I feel more alert. I still have a lot of painful response to cool temperatures but I think some of that is due to nerve damage and that the inflammation in my blood vessels is finally under control. I think I can get medication for the neuropathy. I’m sure tired of pain.


            • Pain is very tiring and drags you down. I empathiise with what you are going through, even though mine was different. The swimming has been good for me helping me with my walking, I feel lighter in the mind. This week has been hard though, some stuff from my past came around to bite me, I stayed in the word for quite some time, I do each day. My Bible fell open to Job I read it through my mind and body was lighter. I don’t like it when messages from the past come back and bite you.

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              • The past will always be part of who we are in the present. We have to keep confronting it with the truth. I saw the hematologist today and he thinks rituxin is the best med for me but of course my insurance doesn’t approve it for cyroglobulinemia so I have to go to the company that makes it and apply for grant. To do that I have to have a positive blood test for cry which is really hard to do no matter how sick a person may be with cryo. I have to wean of the Prednisone, allow myself to flare, and have new blood tests done in early July. He said he doesn’t want to be so focused on cryo that he misses something else so I’m having a CAT scan of the lower abdomen done along with an exray of my chest. I could end up having cryo and not being able to prove it well enough to satisfy the beurocracy and get treatment. So…I don’t know it’s a catch 22. I’m praying God will just take it away….The a.c. visiting docs and having tests done is so painful…the very worst for whatever is wrong with me! They make me so confused….

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                • Wow! what a ride you are on. I don’t understand it. It is almost like my friends I was with yesterday. They are fighting our Government for help. There is a whole post I could write on it. My life long friend is in hospital waiting for a room in a nursing home. She is 12 months older than me the brainwaves are not getting to her feet she is always falling. It was killing her husband. The conditions in hospital for her is hard for them both. Paper work he has to do is incredible, I would not want to do it. I had not been in for 12 months cause of my own health, the changes in their home and conditions were terrible. I went to the house had lunch with her husband then the hospital, crikey it was sad to see the whole changes. Confusions with governments and health and getting help! It’s okay for those in parliament that can get help but us who have to fight for it is a challenge. No wonder you are, tired, confused, exhausted. My friends are as well.

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                  • It seems there is a global elite class of people who get everything and the rest of us get nothing. I have to trust that God will get me through it to the right conclusion and take it a step at a time. All these tests I’m paying for on top of such expensive insurance that I’m forced by law to buy is overwhelming to me. I wouldn’t do it if my husband didn’t insist. I can’t help but worry about leaving him a pauper. I’ve even considered signing all of our property over to my son so we could get medicare. The whole system is in disarray right now. It doesn’t work for patients, for doctors, and not even for the insurance companies that all the new laws favored. It’s awful. I don’t have all the answers but I know if things are going to get any better the focus has to return to the doctor patient relationship and the government needs to butt out. I really can’t think of anything they do well and we’ve given them too much responsibility. It’s time for us to grow up and solve our own problems. The interim is going to be painful for everyon.

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                    • I so agree with you, I’ve had time to think today about the situation with my friends. It was an exhausting day for me about 200 kilometers there and back. She is so stubborn and wont get up and help herself, waiting doggedly for her husband to get up and do it for her. She in someways looks for sympathy. She saw what I have done and how I am walking and doing things for myself. Depression gets the better of her. We have to fight to live is my motto and not give up.

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                  • I hope and pray your friends get the help they need before it’s too late. I hope I do too. You keep working on getting stronger. God has done some incredible things for you. It helps to keep me going. Today the temp was perfect and I felt like a different woman. I need to design some kind of clothing with a thermostat that keeps me at the right temp. Today was wonderful. I was out with my deer, my desert garden, the birds, and my hubby. Such a relief from the hopelessness doctors seem to heap on me. God is good no matter how bad the world stinks.

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                    • My friends used to know God years ago, I wish how they have seen God change my life. They would get to know God again. Then they may get their lives back on track. I pray each day and praise God for the changes in my life. Like you say it is a pity doctors don’t go back to the days when they knew who they were treating. But those days are gone forever.

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                    • There are still some good doctors who want to help their patients but they are caught in the same system we are. We allowed ourselves to become overly dependent on government when we should depend upon God and each other. We’ve created a monster. I believe that monster can be put back in the box but it will be a painful process.


  1. I wonder Bj how many people really believe we are never alone in our hardships even Christians, God tells us we won’t be as you shared and the Scriptures confirm.

    Thanks for your Message, if we keep believing God is God of the impossible and that He is with us all the way than all else will seem insignificant in comparison.

    Blessings – Anne.


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