Words mightier than ever



Welding effectively, a mighty sword
Words mightier, than ever
Tho’ the wave of words run mightier than ever
He reigns, like a mighty monarch butterfly
Artistic sketchy life life of a monarch

Through life fraught with expectations
Can be life bright and colourful
Breathing life, so fine, the silkiness
Of a butterfly cocoon, words written in safety
Of a butterfly cocoon

Stealing away from the maddening crowd
Into the wrapped nature of a cocoon
Waiting, for warmth of nature
Nature full of mystical charms
Dreams created within the warmth of nature

We conjure our memories
Within forgotten tales of yesterday
Battles of the heart won and lost
Lovers, some united forever
Tho’ the wave that run forever
May do so forever
Yet some may not

Through faith in one met
Lovelorn soles, spinning
He hears the moans of the lost
Sharpening sparks, to grow
Hearts that break


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