Twlight of nature

By a rambling creek, rushing swiftly
As a deer roams, racing quietly
Wandering past, into the thicket
Over flowers, richest in perfume

I sit quietly, watching a silent deer
My ears listening to the tune of nature
Anticipating the movement of a deer
Twilight of nature breaks thro’
The horizon

Alone he gallops, gracefully
Infectious is his image, the fury of his pace
His heart pulsating, dancing where the rambling creek roams
Beautiful rhythm, as a deer roams

A glow with the sun, reflected light
Surrounds the deer, watching the day
An ornament jewel of the night
Where the stars glisten

His eyes sparkle with love
Searching for his partner
He knows not rhyme or reason
His heart is full of symphonies
Idyllic in a thicket of trees
By a rambling creek, running quickly
We must sing songs of love quickly
Peaceful hearts, now beating quickly

A lyrical song creating
Beneath the face of a deer
And resistant thoughts
Wisdom created by dreams
Insight and imagery of dreams
Within the soul

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