Cascading thoughts




The unruly sun is changing
As the season changes
So does the unruly sun
The warmth through my windows
Cascading patterns on my curtains
Such as pin holes, through lace wrinkles
Lovers walk pass my window, hand in hand
Expressing love in the warmth
No seasons know the time of love
The time of love happens, in days, months
Beams of sun, worthy of adoration
Why do I think as I walk in the sun?
The unruly sun, so strong and full of love
But I would not loose sight of my love
The power of God as He walks by my side
The warmth of the season changing my heart
Nothing else is compared to this

All life’s mimics as two individual walk
The sun, is happy, during the unruly changes
As the world contracts all the changes
Although the changes mimic the seasons of love
The warms the heart of lovers, shine here on us
As we walk with God, I know you are everywhere
You Spirit lives, among the sphere of the world
In Jesus name Amen

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