On Saturday of Easter

The Lord is patient with us all
As the Lord hear’s our prayer
His promises are all done in time
He will lift the lost
Protect the lost
As we come to You
But all come,in repentance

Dear Heavenly Father
We come to you with
Thanks in our hearts
Your promises live in our hearts
Again and Again I have sung
Your praises, my faith has drawn me closer
My visions have lifted me, through your promises
The greatest day will come
We can conquer our depths
Salvation has come
As we glorify Your name
From nation to nation
You have strengthened us
Especially when we are in distress
You keep Satan at bay from those who are weak
You have fulfilled my life
Your promises of help that comes
Fulfills me, I honour You
In Jesus name Amen.
(c) bjsscribbles

4 thoughts on “On Saturday of Easter

    • I wrote on the one before I will try tonight, I am going to church then lunch. I will have to rest when I get home. I know I will be tired. The last 3 weeks had been hell this end the last week I have started sleeping, now except for tiredness I am fine, so I am taking things a day at a time.


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