An Aussie creature




Hear the scurry of a creature
Expect the unexpected creature
Dressed in fawn and grey
Swiftly they weave there way
Scampering from tree to tree

Nightly I hear them chatter in the trees
Shine a torch up high
Those huge eyes, darting
Hiding from capture
Oh! possum

You search the trees for hollows
Nightly, leaving enemies at bay
Hiding in fear of man

Where you live in trees
You search for food nightly
Using your bright eyes
As creature that have eyes

Days and seasons change
You change your self image
You fill your pantry
You hide Your image

You live within the trees
The hollows, free
Yet your life is your vacation
Hear, and imagine the life
An Aussie possum leads
With energy to burn

Nightly I listen in the still of night
I hear you talking in the night
I wonder where you go in the day
If you are safe, You Aussie Possum

2 thoughts on “An Aussie creature

    • I wonder what others think of our possum’s, they are different to their squirrel’s. Funny I hear the birds now waking up. I am finally sleeping drug free most nights but glad it is all over. Will try and be in touch with you tonight.


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