My prayer from Psalm 71

As I take the next step in my recovery, I wrote this prayer from Psalm 71 to guide me on my Journey.



Dear Lord, You have surrendered me
From the life I held before
I’ll live now in your presence
You have guided me so well
As I now gather my feet on firm ground
You have listened to me
Given me space to gather my being
I have retreated, Lord, for awhile to gather myself
Today I know Your door is always open for me
You are my safety net which I’ve come to lead

You have freed me from those,
Who had a grip on my life
You have given me strength
When times were tough
You were there in my childhood, but I never knew it
Yet part of me hung onto you from my birth
Today I praise You, for the life You have shared with me
I see Your beauty now each day
I praise Your name, with glory
Yet now as my age climbs each day
I ponder what is going to happen
Satan sometimes lingers, waiting to attack
Yet God is there, waiting for me to call

God, I know You are there
Right by my side,
Holding the enemy at bay
I am reaching for you
Each day in praise
As I live a day, with You
I write the thing You do for me.
Posting the signs of Your greatness

You have lifted me from the depths
Of an uninformed life
You have taught me so much in a short time
Showing me a world of wonder
I know you will not walk away from me
Your strength has shown me a world
I know I can stand tall and face trouble
With you at my side
I see life now with You
My rescued life in Your words
Has taken me to faithfulness
As I pray to You sharing
I know You are caring
Listening for my words
I praise Your name
In the name of the Holy Spirit, Amen


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