There is beauty in your world

Dear Lord

There is peace in your world
When we come to understand your ways
There is a beauty in your world
A beauty I have come to understand
Your gift of Life, has given me a chance to be free
A freedom in life uncommon to many who don’t know You

Each day now is a gift in freedom
You have granted me the power to accept Your world
Each day now as I progress is an opportunity in life
I live now in Your presence

As I live now, knowing You are with me
As I take my step into a new world
Knowing I am without pain
I see the light of Your world
That was your to share with us all

In Jesus name Amen


4 thoughts on “There is beauty in your world

  1. How very True Bj, we are Set Free when we focus on God and live according to His guidelines in our lives and not by Trusting in worldly values

    They say life is in the living but it is in knowing who makes life worthwhile, when we do we are free to live according to God’s values, which brings Peace, Hope and Joy Eternally.

    “Christ”ian Love Always – Anne.


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