Burning a flame

Today I looked at my candles with a different feel. I picked up my camera for the first time today. As I started walking a little without my canes. I walked around the units where I live without my canes and taking pictures of the flowers and my personal belongings. I was so thrilled.IMG_0020
I burn a flame
This morning
Tested many times
Is the flame of life
Joy burns like a fever
Inside us
Agonies burn like emotions spent
From the inside out


Life’s blessings gained and lost
Burn’s the flame of life
Evolving daily
Among a world
Where some take but not give
But there is always
Unending faith

Through the storms of life
That have come and gone
Strength, hope,faith, survives
Like a new day dawns

Healing takes times
The flame of life burns
Daily, glowing
I feel, now a smile each day
Sometimes the night is empty
Yet the night gives you shelter


Trying not to let the flame
Burn down
Holding onto the day
We are wrapped up
In the shelter of the flame
Where we are protected


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