As Autumn begins to Arrive

Autumn is arriving in Australia, I feel it in the air across the Barossa, each morning now when I awaken.


Autumn Peace

Beautiful colours of Autumn in South Australia


Autumn in Australia like all the colours of the desert
Arrives with all the softness of the hills changing colour
With the quickening steps of winter on the horizon
Across the cities, across the deserts
The gentle breeze of Autumn fills the air
The country comes aglow with tunes of colour
Dancing from tree to tree, flower to flower
Floating across our land, colours alive
Autumn in the hills mesmerises me
We can inhale the air, coming alive

I see colours created by God, with grace
Viewing the clours of Autumn around the world
Flaming colours, on display for the world to see
Nature at it’s beauty, designed by God, before the season closes for winter
Autumn colours lightly a quality enchanting through our land
I feel Autumn in the the air now living in the hills
Colours are changing, from greens, to rustic reds,
Faded orange, the pinks lustre in the sunsets
Clouds soft as cotton wool are forming in the sky
Across the blue powered sky’s softens your eyes

When Autumn is in full bloom the hills and deserts
Are frenzied with travellers, search for the last breath of life
Before the decay of winter, life in the trees before the leaves fall
Like a sudden downpour of tears, leaves fall
For children to play in the colours of Autumn
Children fall and roll in leaves like feverish fun
Leaving piles of leaves, scattered
Today I walk through dried leaves, dreaming of a different time
Times rolling in leaves, playing happily
Now I listen to the wind, I listen to the birds
Moving from tree to tree, as the migrate
The sunshine, warm and gentle, filtered by leafless trees
Such a regal sight, the many colours of Autumn

As Autumn tends to come to close
Greying clouds of winter close in
Reminding us, of the bitter edge of winter
That waits around the corner


10 thoughts on “As Autumn begins to Arrive

  1. In New Mexico, there is a hint of spring. Some new birds have arrived and the first sprigs of soft green grass are beginning to pop up. It was warm enough for me to go out today and it was so wonderful to be out of my house. I am so thankful and grateful to have had such a beautiful day after such a hard winter.


    • I found your comment today in spam. Sorry it has taken me a while to get to it. I am starting to get out a bit and enjoying myself. Summer has been rough with temperatures reaching record heights even this late in summer. I am hanging out for permission to start driving on March the 11th. I have a list as long as my arm for things I need to do when I start driving again and placeI wish to go. I have to take it steady, I know and think about what I can do. Just thinking about driving soon brings joy to my thoughts.

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      • I know the progress seems slow to you but with every comment I receive, I hear your strength building. I too have some good news and answered prayer. Via my online support group, I think I’ve found a course of treatment that will work for me and it uses old drugs so, my insurance should go for it and if they don’t, I’ll still be able to afford it without going broke. God really does work things to our good. I too am dreaming of being out and about under my own steam. In the meantime, you enjoy your cooling and I’ll enjoy my warming. God bless you and keep getting stronger.


        • Wow that is great new Pam. I hope it works for you that you can get the medication you need. You mentioned in your previous comment about birds. Coming from the city and only waking up to properly.sparrows, birds the first fleet bought out and a few distant parrots. Now I wake up to Kookaburra’s laughing each morning. Not bad. They don’t fly north for the summer they hang around all year. I have physio today, I am looking forward to it today, as last week I had, had a bit of a tumble and could not walk again, I only jarred myself, but boy I was sore. Yesterday I started walking again properly, but still with a waddle that will go I hope in time but I am looking forward to physio today and showing her (Kate) what I can do. I was so worried, I prayed and prayed and I came good.

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          • I love that colorful word, Kookaburra’s. It makes me laugh just to say it. We have Magpies but they bicker, first with the other birds and then when they drive the other birds away, with each other. They are beautiful with personalities like people. I’m sorry you fell, I’m sure that was scary. I’m glad you’re okay and continue to persevere. I’m excited to have found a treatment that should work and won’t leave us bankrupt. I have to sell my doctor on it still but he is not so arrogant to pretend he knows about cryo when he doesn’t and is open to helping me. So, I think he will go for it. I’m feeling better on the prednisone but I’ve really got to find a way to move around the stress in my life. Pray for me in that area as I continue to pray for your recovery. I’m proud of you. I nominated you for a blogger award so, make sure to check for it. Love in Christ, Pam


            • I am checking it out now, I will do it today or tomorrow. I have to get my act together and do more blogging and get back to the effort I was putting in before I went into hospital. I was so amazed when praying the other day. God told me in my heart the work I have done over the past 5yrs I turned my life around all the broken bit are now fixed. No going back keep moving forward. I leaned heavily on God to get me through and found a new way of life. It feels good. I certainly will continue to pray for your recovery and enjoy the warmth of God. Plus enjoy the change of seasons


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