Draw on your strength

There is a love that is full of wisdom
A love that has insight, to life
With God we will see, true and honest goodness
Our lives empowered by Jesus Christ
Reaching the highest praises of Glory of God

Dear God, You fill our hearts
With so much trust
I thank You God
For all You have given me
For those You have blessed
Above all, I and others know we can come to You
Knowing Jesus Christ
Knowing now as I do we can draw on your strength
Drawing from the life of Jesus Christ
We praise Your name
Achieving goals and finding strength and certainty
From our time on earth
You reveal Yourself to us in ways we least expect
You allow us to keep our goals, yet we learn to see as You do
Once poor in life, You gave me a second chance at life
I praise Your name again and again
Now You help me in my walk, You can help others too
Who are poor and weak
As I praise Your name today
My goal was to grow in Your name
You have strengthened me in Your name
In the name of Jesus Christ Amen


12 thoughts on “Draw on your strength

      • You can still call me, Pam. It’s my last name that makes me stick out like a sore thumb. I had a bad online problem for awhile and decided I need to blend in a bit. There are lots of Pams in the world though. You’ve been through a lot. Listen to your body. God will give you energy when it’s time. They gave me Prednisone so, I will probably have enough energy for both of us for awhile. It has taken quite a lot of the pain away already. Last time I used it, I lost a dress size right away because I had so much inflammation in my body. That’s one side effect I hope I get again. We have to keep holding each other up.


            • I am so aware of the importance of doing things right, just the thought of ending up back in hospital is scary. My Tibby comes back tomorrow and I have to be careful, using my stick around her and not bending around her.

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              • I’m terrified of ending up in the hospital. I think we have enough insurance to get in but not enough to pay for everything and then they start seizing property. I also, have to be kept warm and hospitals are ice cold and I need saline and blood products warmed…I’m afraid they’ll kill me because they don’t understand my disease….so, I have to trust God.:0)


                • We have a great deal of new health insurance companies here with stories that end up on the news about what these health companies are doing to people. Not having the right insurance denying them hospital admittance, literally ripping people off. Then it comes to someone like me, not trusting any of them anymore even the government. One of my family has had trouble with the government over this new mosquito born virus. Who do we trust anymore?

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