Welcome to Australia


A country founded on history
Yet a land as old as time
Before we came they weigh the time
When two lands collided
A country was founded

A land formed by
Convicts, pioneers
This land has lasted for years and years
Trails wormed there way by pioneers
Explored the land leading the way for years
Making roads for people to explore

Flags of a nation mark our history
We look to the mystery of this land
Flying the flags of a nation
Where two world collided

From the mountains, to the desert
We are surrounded by oceans of the world
Take a mighty look around this world
Of Australia, there is something for us all
Our land is not fully settled
We are ocean dwelling people living on the coast

Give a thought for the pioneers that settled this land
They have challenged us to value this land
From the forests, to the animals
Unique, colours unseen anywhere else in the world
They left trails for us to explore

Unique battles were fought to forge the country
Miners battles that a living legends, creating
Wealth of a nation. echo around the world
Cultures so diverse formed this land
Welcome to Australia


6 thoughts on “Welcome to Australia

        • I enjoy doing writing about Australia an Island continent, I am a proud Australian. I am doing fine my recovery is on track, but I get tired easily and crash out for a couple of hours. I am looking forward to getting my Tibby back. This coming weekend, I am not going to be able to walk her, she is 17 anyway, but she has the heart of a child.

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          • Glad you are on track and I know having your baby back will help.:0) I saw the doc today and he gave me a round of prednisone to try and get the inflammation under control and take it from there. He wanted to do some research. It’s scary being rare…for him too.


            • Far out I do not like it when they use us as a tester, but what are we to do. I pray they have the knowledge to hep you.. God know he can guide the hand of your doctor and give him the knowledge to help you. As I come of all the pain medication I have to be careful.

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