The story of the wind





Wind whispers the secrets of the earth
Wind writes the story of the birth of earth
The hand of God reaches across the sky
In days of darkness, or days of sunshine
The wind searches watching over us
The wind tells a story of flight

The wind in all it possessions
Creating a story of good and bad
Weaving a story of life through the darkness
Bringing light to the dawn of a new day
The creation of a rainbow of God
From the wind and rain, songs echo of life

Anger drifts in on wind twisting danger
Warnings echo through the wind
Morning dew lays on a freshly mown lawn
The winds wafts perfume like a wild
Racing leopard, across an empty field
A slow winters day, cold dark and windy
Summer winds bring mixtures of perfume

The wind knows the story of life
From the city to the deserts
From the deserts to the oceans
Where the wind rages across wild oceans
Mountains echo the storms of life
The wind chills through your bones
The wind will give you life and it will take life
The wind is created by God, the giver of all life
The wind is a symbol of all, the giver of freedom
To the birds in flight, animals that run free


Matthew 8:26 He said to them, “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?” Then he got up, rebuked the wind and the sea, and there was a great calm.

Matthew 8:27 The men marveled, saying, “What kind of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?”

Matthew 11:7 As these went their way, Jesus began to say to the multitudes concerning John, “What did you go out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken by the wind?

Matthew 14:24 But the boat was now in the middle of the sea, distressed by the waves, for the wind was contrary.


10 thoughts on “The story of the wind

  1. The wind is ever present in New Mexico. I grew up on the top of a huge mesa at seven thousand feet and there were few days that the wind didn’t blow. We had huge dirt storms when I was a kid. We’d have to cover the windows and stuff towels in front of the thresholds on the doors and wait them out. There’s a certain howling the wind makes at times that brings that back. I hat the wind in spring but am thankful for it in summer. So many metaphors to be had in wind. Loved the poem and the scriptures. I’m still praying for you and hope progress is continuing. Please, pray for me to. I am struggling. I haven’t even been able to go out in about a month. I want so badly, to just go outside and breath fresh air but it’s so cold it instantly burns my skin, I wheeze, loose my eyesight in one eye and my hearing. I have a lot of pain some days and have to wear a beanie even indoors or I get terrible headaches. I think I may have a related problem called Cogan’s Syndrome which causes inflammation in the aorta and medium sized blood vessels. I see the doc on Tuesday and I hope he knows what I’m talking about. It is scary to have such a rare disease. I feel very isolated and I don’t like it. I don’t talk about it much because it isn’t the sum of me and I don’t want to let it become the sum of me. But I think you’d understand and not define me by my disease. I’ve been resisting immunosuppressant’s but I think I’m going to have to give in. I want very much to be able to go to church Sunday so, please pray efor that too. Thank you BJS and keep getting better.


    • I will continue to pray for you, it is the least I can do. There have been so many people praying for me and prayer got me through I believe it. God certainly heard my prayers. Across the outback winds are similar to what you are saying, the wind can cut through you like a knife. The bushfires here this summer have been horrendous caused by winds. There are so many more metaphors that I could use for the wind, we had had summer winds again and stuff was blowing everywhere, I could not pick anything up which was annoying. When the wind stopped I went outside with my pick up stick. It is better than putting myself back in hospital with my hip dislocated.

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      • I’m glad you’re able to get out. Enjoy it for me. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys being indoors all of the time. I don’t like to whine but I’m feeling so closed in and cut off, like I’m dead and don’t know it. Oh…I’m being dramatic but I would love to feel the wind right now… Don’t over do but enjoy what you can do.:00


        • Thank you so much for your thoughts, I prayed this morning, today I have spent most of the time this afternoon on the bed in and out of sleep, I just felt so tired. Thought I better shake myself into gear or I wont sleep tonight. I hate this forced sleeping on your back, it makes your back so sore.

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          • It will get better. How long before you will be able to sleep on your side? I wake up sore every morning. Mostly my hips and shoulders but stiff all over. I soak in apple cider vinegar and that takes the inflammation down enough to get me moving a little. I see the doc on Tuesday and I’m nervous about it. I just feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don’t know if it is worse to not treat the inflammation more aggressively or risk the horrible side effects of the medication. I’m really tired of being in pain though and the vertigo this week has been awful. I should be asleep now but I think my brain is confused from being inside so long. Sometimes, I only sleep about every other day. I do rest but can’t lose consciousness. Anyway, I appreciate the prayers. I need them.


            • Wow, since my stay in hospital I have come across so many stories like you in our hospital system here. Our medicare system is great but people are not cared for and wait so long. I want to do something to help get a voice out there but not sure how. All over Australia there are stories of people in so much pain unless you have the big bucks you get nowhere. Some of these people are in so much pain and so much older than me. I would like to do more as a voice for the little people. There was even a bloke who cannot get a room in a nursing home wandering the wards of the hospital with dementia. News has hit here of the cold in your country, and the blizzards in the eastern states. We have had so many fires here over summer, a bad summer here. Keep safe. I also can associate your story about being home all the time and how confused your brain gets from pain

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              • Obamacare wrecked the system here. People who work for the government or big corporations have good insurance but those of us who work for small business or are self-employed are in a very bad state. Insurance is so expensive and covers so little. Things weren’t perfect before but they are bad now. Thank you for praying. I connected with a good online support group and I feel better about the decision I need to make Tuesday. If my eye sight or hearing is in danger, I will try another medication but if not, I’m going to continue to do things the natural way. It’s really hard to have such a rare disease that doctors sometimes, never heard of. I’m not likely, to meet anyone else with this disease so, the internet is a God-send. I learn a lot from people who have been living with this disease for a long time. So, I feel more hopeful than I did last night and that helps me bear up under the pain and aloneness. Thank you.:0)

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