Your eyes permeating mine

I felt a presence while I was in hospital, to me it was God’s presence. The experience was so real. This poem helped get me through pain, surgical, pain


As I close my eyes each night
Venture into dream world
That renovates the world
Circling the oceans blue
And right there by my side was you
And the blue wave beat the shore

I felt your presence
Your eyes permeating mine
I could feel the very heart of you
I couldn’t believe it, the realm of you
Permeating through my eyes

For across the ocean’s blue
The miles hold us apart
Everything is alright, your soul is deep within mine
As the blue wave hits the shore
I feel your heart protecting me

From the stars above the ocean
To the end of a rainbow that protects us
The night’s I can’t sleep
You weave your magic
Keeping my head tossing and turning
I am yearning for your eyes
Glowing from heaven
As your rainbow protects me
In my dreams


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