At first I prayed

When at first I started praying, I was so insecure, I had no  idea what I was doing. Now I am writing prayers, not hesitating in my prayers. Sometimes I am tongue twisted when I pray out loud, I do better this way, somehow God has heard my prayers.

At first I prayed
The first time I prayed
Embarrassed, yet I prayed for light
Now, a light shone before me
I could see the way through
Swiftly I walked, through the light
I prayed for strength, that I might
Walk the road, with unfaltering power
Meeting the heavens, winning
Then I prayed earnestly for faith
So I could trust again, I now Trust God with my life
I live now for God’s everlasting peace
Confident in God’s truth’s, confident in God’s Love
A foes are now at bay, I pray earnestly for Love
Deep Love of God, a living love that would not fail
No more darkness, living in the light of strength and faith
Openings everywhere, God has waited, patiently
For me to continually pray
Continually pray the everlasting prayer
In Jesus name Amen


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