It is like a dream


A prayer for those of us that are new Christians


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We wander away from the Lord,
Then we find we are drawn back to the Lord,
It is like a dream
When we find our way back
It’s like a dream
We cry with laughter, we sing with Joy
The Lord does great things
How happy we are


Dear heavenly father,
There is hope, when we walk with You
Your promises to us, we hold in our hearts
Our most precious children
Our heart are filled, with Your words
Your words protect us when time are hard
Your Spirit flows through our body
Your spirit reveals Your word
Your promises fill our hearts
Many share in Your hope
many share in Your faith,
And struggle without Your messages
When You return we may rejoice in Your Spirit
We return to the Lord, feel the Salvation
That comes from the Lord in his presence of Spirit


In Jesus name Amen


4 thoughts on “It is like a dream

  1. Your Prayer expressed much Truth Bj, in our Thoughts as you said we do wander away from God and the reality of just how much we mean to Him and how He longs for our Love and Friendship but our hearts remain close that is why we come back, we feel something is missing and of course there is unless we are in Unity and fellowship with God.

    Blessings – Anne.


    • Thank you so much for your nomination, they are fun to do. But at the moment, I am concentrating on my writing, so I can keep my mind busy in the lead up to my operation. I do appreciate your kindness


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