A grateful heart

Dear God, You have shown me
Many thing, those many things
I can be grateful for
Even in the midst
Of the journey I have been taking
This year I am grateful to you

A grateful heart is new to me
I enjoy the peace that comes with it
I am thankful for many thing
Most of all I am thankful
For those that surround me
There are so many things I need to thank you for
I do not know where to start

You have shown me Lord
How to make the choices of life
To think on the hard things
Yet Lord, most of all you have shown me a grateful heart

In Jesus name Amen


13 thoughts on “A grateful heart

  1. Thank you BJ for sharing this moment of bonding between you and God. This personal sweet savor, fragrance offering of the lips sent up to Him (we are a kingdom of priest in this respect, offering of praises.


    • Thank you for the visit and your most welcome comment, my thoughts are so distracted with getting myself organised for hospital the first week in January. I’ve been writing a great deal of my thoughts down and thanking God for what He has done in my life.

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  3. I posted your previous Blogs link on my Christmas Blog Bj so I needed to update your link as you can see on my Post on the link below, I’m deciding if I will use my Christmas Blessings Blog this Christmas, I’m not sure yet, it needs some revision and my time is limited with selling my Home..

    Christmas- https://christmasblessings.wordpress.com/category/freedomborn-christmas-blessings/gifts-to-friends/

    Blessings – Anne.

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