Colours of a Land

For us that live in Australia
We know the colour of our land
But for some it is not easy to understand
You may come from a distant land
Colour are frequent in different shades
Colours that never seem to fade
Here in Australia there is a beauty yet to unfold

Colour of the earth, that shine like glistening gems
Where the sun shines on stones changing colour
Many colours soft lilacs, palest greens
Colours of the ocean, shine through the inland
Hills laden with gold and silver, characters that colour
The hills of gold and silver, I don’t know,
Whether it was gold or silver that bough me to this land
My ancestors arrived and pioneered this land
Arriving on the golden sands, where the water is pure
Roaming rivers, that are silent in drought
Yet the colour of silver when the water is running
Roam the mountains, find the golden wattle
A rosewood tree that glistens, gentle stars
Of a Australian Christmas bush, let the sunshine through
Feel the colour of the on your skin, reflecting
Images in the shade, colour that glows and fades
Grasses that lay by a river, colours of gold, brown,
Red, Blue sky reaches across the horizon
Blue green grasses cover the hills
Rolling green hills from the highlands
Smokey grasses yet flourishing from drought
The deepest silvery sky reaches so high
When sunset comes watch for the oranges
When you stand in the middle of the desert
Cross the desert at Coober Pedy, follow the colours of the ground
And you will be surprised, colours of an inland sea
As the sunsets and the colours settle
Feel the purple night come alive
With the glisten gems of a million stars
Feel the colours as you walk through
Valleys glistening with night dew
Sugar gums flushed with white flowers
Blue-gums so tall and striking by a silver water creek
Pillars of trees worn smooth in weather
Roam through the scrub, feel the mulga so rough to touch
Listen quietly, hide and you may see a crane, blue grey
Searching for feed, Lyrebird’s train swishing through the grass
The noise of a kingfisher, warbling through the trees
A screech of a native budgie, a gentle sound of a finch
This is the colour of Australia to me


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4 thoughts on “Colours of a Land

  1. Awww this is xoxo beautiful and colourful. I could visualise the colourful landscapery of Australia just reading through your lines, and the pictures just made it extra colourful. Well done!


  2. The Colours of Australia ,BJ , is exactly like it is, our striking vivid unrelenting colours are so unique to us . But reading this made me feel completely at home your words make me feel this is where I belong! Thank God I`m an Aussie boy!



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