A legend, the Snowy’s

The Snowy Mountian legend created in the 1890’s by Banjo Patterson, when Australia was still finding it’s feet as a nation, I hope I have done it justice, from Banjo Patterson to the snow boards of today and those that wish to re-live it’s history.




Great white narrow fissures of rock
Imposing heights that tower tall gums, of land below
Forests form an opening, to the creek and grasses below
Thundering mountain horses, clamber the mountain
Legends created, century ago

Today, dams, roads, steam escapes mountain crevices
Decades of work, the hydro scheme to power a nation
Rain and snow in mountains built like a fountain of youth
Ride the ranges feel the history Snowy Mountain

The man from Snowy River explodes in history
All this became history, when the brumby was tamed
The colt from ‘Old Regret came tumbling through the scrub’
The word was passed around and legend created
Banjo Patterson, created characters that still inspire a nation

Land that rolls down the mountains to an endless plan
Where the River starts making it’s way to the oceans
A nation looking for an identity, mythology and heroic characters
Found ‘Clancy of the Overflow’ bravery, adaptability and risk-taking
Could epitomise a new nation in the south

Like an eagle surveying it’s trees, fresh water streams
Land formations, that make you cry out, with joy
Mountain mosses, orchids that only flower in the Snowy Mountains
Today, this has become the winter playground for many in Australia

13 thoughts on “A legend, the Snowy’s

    • Hope the story was okay, had to search, for the pics. To go with the story, I did one over the weekend from the point of view from an eagle, Then I thought about the other part of the story ‘Clancy of the Overflow’. The horse pictures with the riders are one from the original movie in 1982. A great deal of American also came out to help settle this land when we became a nation. Kirk Douglas starred in the move in 1982


  1. My great grandfather worked as cowboy (13 yrs. old) in the New Mexico Territory in the late 1800. Then he went back to Missouri, married, had children, and brought them all back down the Santa Fe trail. He opened a livery stable and hotel along the new Santa Fe railroad. I know I could visit Australia and feel right at home.


        • I will have to think and do more about the desert country is where I love going. That’s why when I am well I wish to take a trip on the Ghan from the start in Adelaide and wind my way up through the centre to Darwin I have driven it but this time I am wish to watch the country roll by and purely do nothing check out the link http://www.greatsouthernrail.com.au/trains/the_ghan/ in the old days during the rainy seasons the track used to get washed away and the train would get stuck for weeks on end. It is only recently the rail has been finished . 1982 so that it goes from top to bottom. When I do go I am taking a couple of side trips as well. The desire to pamper myself and do nothing is a dream.

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          • Thanks for the link. I’m in the middle of stuff but I will look at it later. Sounds like a wonderful dream and a great carrot to dangle to encourage the hard work of a successful recovery. God bless.


            • certainly is, as you look at the scenery, you will see why I love it so much. Plus it is country I spent a great deal of time in when I was a girl, we used to travel back and forward to the land as it was the homeland of my Dad

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  2. Thanks BJ for bringing back to mind the legends of the beautiful Australian folk and Country. Love this work you do. So sincere, from your heart. Much appreciated, enjoy it dear.


  3. The legend of the Snowys Bj is so reminiscent of Banjo s work . For a Queenslander the images of snow, mist, fog and rain, seems like another country. But Banjo weaved into our history the stories of the mountain men and their horses , that had universal appeal. You`ve captured that!



    • For a South Aussie as well, living where I do now we get frost, ice and mist sometimes there is sprinkling of snow but it never lasts. I saw snow in New Zealand and the Snowy’s many moons ago before I foolishly got married. Now as soon as I am well and fixed walking properly in maybe about 8 months and an clearance from the specialist a trip on the Ghan is looking pretty good. Then you guys


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