I’m the eagle of the mountains

Dedicated to the Snowy mountains in Australia


I live in the mountains
High country, called the Snowy mountains
I live in the trees, watching the seasons
Flow by each year, I watch the horses of the mountains
I’m free to come and go from tree to tree
I’m the eagle of the mountains
The High country is my home
Mountains the reach the sky
I watch the moon of night
Kiss the peaks of the mountains
I watch the horses of the mountains
Sleep at night, roaming of day
Yet I am the eagle that guards the mountain
Season flow through the year
Travelers come and go
All those who come to see the mountains
The horses, share in the freedom of the mountains
I fly from tree to tree, watching, many see me
Believing I am there the guardian of the mountains
I glide on the wind from tree to tree
Across the mountain tops
Sailing free, catching the stars, glimpses of the moon
Sailing free across the heavens, guarding the mountains
We can reach for the stars, and grab for the stardust
That glistens in the night



2 thoughts on “I’m the eagle of the mountains

  1. The Eagle of the Mountains gives you the feeling of hearing the Eagle relate this story; ” I watch the moon of the night kiss the peaks of the mountain ‘ was a line that impressed and how the eagle states its role; guarding the mountain, enjoyed it .



    • Thank you Ron, I enjoyed the outcome of the Snowy’s couple I did they were a challenge but to try from a different aspect to the originals. I had a shot at having a go at the old men that used to travel the outback catching the dogs. That killed the sheep it was hard to do. I did meet one once at Frome downs just the other side of the Dog fence. It was a job and they did, I think they were still around till the late 70’s.


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