In a creation of a land



I have not been able to think about my Australian writing much for a few weeks. I think this morning my prayers have been helping. A friend suggested I should try and create something with dignity for our Australian Aborigine. Most people do not understand their spirit world, I saw it first hand when I was traveling our great land. I just hope my friend around the world. There was a “sorry day” created by one of our former Prime Ministers for the happenings of the past, it did do a little healing for these people, another former P.M. made historical land giving back to our indigenous Aborigine , we still need to do a great deal more. So I hope I have done this with dignity!.



Back past a time of dreaming
When worlds collided
A time of creation
A time of worlds erupting
A living plan created by God
We are part of that plan
Mixing will millions of different
Souls, destiny awaited for many

Though there were two worlds created
Here in Australia, one of a spirit world
And one of a world believed created and worshiped God
When the two world meet, those of the spirit world
Living in the ways of old, through paths of time
From a place where a glowing star was a glow from the beginning of time
A light that reached out and touched you like a flaming star, bright and new
Traveling far and wide, yet they felt pain, a yearning to flee their world
So many spirit filled souls, lived for many years on this land

They knew changes were coming
They knew of horrors, changes on the earth
They called home, they waited for the land to unfold
Spirits squirmed and fought with tongues of fire
The birth of a new nation before them
Left their hearts cold, their thoughts were shattered
They would need to be strong and bold
The future was unknown

In the mists of a birth of a nation
On the edge of nowhere
Their knowledge was hidden in the shadows
As the new people surveyed the land
In the vastness of time
Two worlds have come together
One was almost forgotten
Till “Sorry” was suggested
Memories, were created
All they knew was they needed to live
And be recognised
They must build for the future of the children
On this earth
A place to shelter and give home
And remember their ways
From the spirit world and legends
On a land created from two worlds


4 thoughts on “In a creation of a land

  1. The original peoples of Australia and New Zealand faced the same issues as Native Americans. Both had horrible things done to them in the name of Christianity by Europeans. More must be done to help all indigenous peoples.


    • I was thinking of your native Americans while I was posting and thinking of all but did not know really to express it all. The Maori had so unspeakable things happen the same as our Aborigine, I don’t know what it is like in your land, I know there is still some horrible racist thing going on over there but some of our Aborigine’s still live like a 3rd world country. And really it is not good enough in this day and age. People think it is all rosey here when they come to visit Australia, I saw some of it when I traveled Australia in my campervan.


  2. Although I accept People as being of value regardless of their Nationality Bj it does not mean I have to accept and agree with the wrong they say and do.

    The Aboriginals are people of great Superstition and they have similar teachings found in Pagan and Occult worship, which is not strange because they do not worship our God and so this leads to the demonic and yes this is True of all Atheists or their love of money is their focus and so becomes their god.

    Some Aboriginals were badly treated but not all that happened to them when the English settled in Australia was bad, they were given work and had shelter when needed but some of their Children were being badly neglected and something had to be done to help them and this is the same today, often they are left to defend for themselves. I know this is True because I have witnessed this neglect, I tried to help but found the more I did the more they wanted, Alcohol is also a very big hindrance to them living fulfilling lives and attending to their responsibilities but I know other Aboriginals who have become Christians and are living to please God …. How good is That!

    Christian Love – Anne.


    • Yes I agree with you Anne, I did not wish to write the harsh violent side. Traveling on the road I met up with some Aborigines that were teaching the young men some of the Tribal ways from the only elders that were left. I did see some bad thing as well, the same as you. I understand some of their ways are really horrid. I classed it as Europeans, that takes in all countries that settled this land.


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