Praise God

Dear Lord, I write to you this morning
I praise you for your guidance
I have repented my sins, just as I am sorry for my sins
Please forgive me, for my sins, of the past
In your name Jesus
I forgive all others, for what they have done against me
Over the years life has been hard, I rebuke Satan from my mind
All the evil from my mind, and all the confusion
To you Lord, I am forever grateful, Lord Jesus
I am still amazed at Your strength, how you have saved me this year
I felt as thought I was truly going down, In the depths of despair
You have placed your healing hand upon my shoulder
Now as you change me Lord Jesus, please strengthen my body, my spirit, my soul

I praise you Lord Jesus, I shall follow you
I thank you Lord Jesus for the gifts you have given me
Your life has filled me with the Holy Spirit

You have been my strength of peace, guiding me

In your name Jesus Amen

12 thoughts on “Praise God

    • Thank you Debbie, I am trying so hard to keep myself on track and keeping peace about me during the next few weeks that lead up to my surgery. My deepest wish when I can walk properly is to give something back to God. I doubt if I never had gotten to know God I would’ve made it this far.


        • Thank you so much for that, God has been so much blessing here in my life. Friends I was with yesterday have been in such turmoil for the past 2 yrs, their daughter in law only a young woman, with 5 children aged from a babe in arms to 11. The daughter in law in her early 30’s very early has a brain tumor They finished chemo for now and the tumor in her brain has stopped growing for now the doctors with their gifted hands and knowledge a gift from God. We all have been praying for them so much, they have been in our thoughts all the time. They received the news on the 1st Dec. Good is so God and blessed their family and those children.


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