God Listens

This is just a short post , I had a phone call from the hospital, I have an operation date 6th January 20 16.   I still have to have all the blood work up but hey! am finally there 6th January 2016. My prayers might be awkward and tongue twisters but I get there,


The power of prayer is amazing to a new Christen. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers. Life can be amazing with God. God has supported me all year .

Amen   … Bjsscribbles

12 thoughts on “God Listens

    • GOD IS GOOD, WILL WRITE MORE WHEN I GET BACK, I wish to scream to the top of the clouds GOD IS GOOD. All good things have happened since I moved here, it takes a bit of getting around in my brain.


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    • I thought God is with me I am not alone, but then yesterday when I got the call I did not know, I was in a daze, I had resign myself to wait, prayer, God is so good and helpful. I will not desert him. Friends are picking me up for the pools. Since I moved here nothing but God has happened. I am trying to understand for the first time in my life everything is turning Good

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    • How amazing I am still in a daze from last night, I was wondering how does good things happen too me. I resigned myself over the weekend, this is it. I wait, then all of a sudden I get the call, I did not understand. But now I know God listens, I was in tears, pain everything over the weekend and finally shook myself into gear. God listen and I was desperate!!!


    • I have not been online for a couple of days coming to terms with everything. Just trying to get my head around everything I have written a prayer this morning thanking God for his intervention and helping me get a place


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